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"I am Satsuna" ready to be integrated in Nintendo switch; storm market soon.

Remember “I am Setsuna”? That Snow-kinda adventure Game that was previously released on PS4? Well…..”I am Setsuna” is set to be lunched on Nintendo Switch Games. According to Square Enix, the retro on Japanese role playing game (JRPG) is the first game from Square Enix’s new Tokyo RPG factory, a studio that was responsible for mixing the spirit of the past with Technology today.

The unique thing about the switch version is that in “I am Setsuna”, a player has the ability to battle another player. This has proven to be a nice creative step in this new innovation.
        I am satsuna gameplay


In the game, enemies are represented by icons: contact with the icons initiates a battle. Battles take place in the environments where the enemy is encountered rather than shifting to a specific battle arena. Characters' health and magic meter are respectively represented by HP and MP. Characters fight using a version of the Active Time Battle System featured in games such as entries in the Final Fantasy series: after each action is taken by a character in battle, an ATB gauge must fill again before another action is taken. Available actions include attacking with weapons; using special combat abilities or magic, which are lumped together as "Techs"; or using an item. Not only that I am Setsuna battle music stands out, if more than one character's ATB gauges are full, they will perform actions in the order in which instructions are issued to them.

I am Setsuna Game mechanics 

I am satsuna pics

Each character is may equipped with "Spritnite" crystals on their gear. These crystals grant both passive bonuses and the abilities on the "Techs" menu. Some of these Techs can synergize together into a new attack; for instance, the spinning "Cyclone" and rushing "Charge" techs can become "X-Strike," a two-person attack directed at one enemy. If one of these "Double Techs" is available, the "Techs" menu will change to "Combo".

Each time an action is taken, or a character's Active Time Battle (ATB) gauge is allowed to remain full, a separate "Setsuna" gauge begins to fill. When full, it grants a "Momentum" charge which may be expended at the player's discretion to grant power boosts to the character's actions. One of   I am Setsuna best weapon are these boosts that can include dealing with multiple versions of the attack, recovering health, or dealing critical damage to an enemy.

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