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New Xbox 1 games 2017 set to be released along side hot trailing games .

Xbox is set to introduce new games that will be catching the customer's fancy this year. check out the array of fantastic products:

  • The Assembly

     January 20th

The Assembly Xbox 1 games 2017 photo

This is a game inspired by a challenging world of a secret organization. This leaves the player to make a highly tough decisions from contrasting intentions. This is a

first-person adventure game that throws the player into the enigmatic world of secret organization. This is a story of a group of underground scientists named THE TITULAR ASSEMBLY that conducts some wield experiment without the government knowledge. The action starts when a scientist wants out.

  • The Hunters

The hunters Xbox 1 games 2017

In hunters legacy the player is meant to complete a quest with fierce kitty looking creature armed with twin sword and a bow , Ikki as she is called will use different tactics like wall-climbing , gliding through the air with the help of spores and changing her body temperature to traverse puzzle and complete her quest.

  • TOBY: The Secret Mine

January 20th

Mining Xbox 1 games 2017 pics

This game tells of a way of life in a small villages in the mountains. It was thrown into disorder when an anonymous fellow kidnapped some important residents. The little Toby swang into action when his brave friends who went in rescue of their friends but but did not returned. The secret mine takes the player into a dark and creepy world full of dangerous situation, enemies and challenging puzzles.

  • Spheroids

Spheroid Xbox 1 games

You are meant to take control as Lucas; a jumpy Canadian boy set out on an adventure with his crazy scientist friend Otto, after he discovered that the government has hidden alternative universe from the cubic world they live in. Unfortunately the forks cottoned that these alternative universe contains, spheres that wish to turn everything around so it''s up to Lucas to save the world from these dangerous aliens.

  • I Am Bread

January 20th 

I am bread Xbox 1 games 2017 pics

From the creator of surgeon simulator comes a rather funny adventure , I AM BREAD is the epic story of a slice of bread 's journey to become toast. take the clumpy adventure on a journey from the confines of the kitchen , through the home of an unsuspecting owner and d into the outside world. relax as this bread goes the part of it predecessors .

  • Metrico

 January 20th 

Metrico Xbox 1 games 2017 pics

An input-driven game in a world of inforgraphics. All the charts, line diagrams and pie charts react to what you are doing. you must rethink all you know to solve all the puzzles and explore every part of the world that is metric. This can be fun and educative as well.

  • Saban's Mighty: Morphine Power Rangers

Rangers Xbox 1 games 2017 photo

Recandle your rangers spirit, team up with friends, summon the Megazord and fight your way through levels stylized after classic mighty Morphine power rangers episodes. The level are filled with familiar dialogue, background details, cut scenes, and pulled strait from the first two seasons of the rangers show .

With all this busters around, its meant to be nothing less than interesting year for Xbox games.

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