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(NEWS) Super Mario Run increase to £9.99 on UK App Store.

Bad news for UK Nintendo store fans have waken up to realize that there favorite super Mario game now costs £9.99 to unlock on the App store in the UK. Apps are becoming ware too expensive, this is because of the currency fluctuation in the mobile market – and the same is now starting to take effect in the UK on a larger scale.

Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, the Pound has dropped dramatically in value, and as a result, Apple has decided to raise the raise prices on the App Store across the board, by about 25%. Though nothing has been heard about the Super Mario Nintendo switch but we are still optimistic that the price raise will not affect that section.

One of the affected titles is Super Mario Run – in the UK, it now costs £9.99 to unlock all of the game’s levels after the initial demo, up from the previous £7.99.
It is not yet known what the game’s price will be on the Google Play Store once Super Mario Run launches on Android devices in March.

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