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        Xbox is set to thrill there customers yet again with some fascinating quality gaming experience . with lots of quality products on the gallery yet to be introduced to the public , among those expected fascination, are some interesting top products to look out for in 2017. The products are listed below:  

Acorns Assault Screenshot- January 11

  1.  Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution puts you in a command imaginary state of raising an army to overthrow a terrible king and to save your fellow oppressed friends in the imagery of squirrels.Battle it out in single-player as well as local multiplayer with your friends.

never mind-  January 11

   2. Nevermind is an adventure thriller game in which the player must explore some strange worlds and solve puzzles to decipher the mysteries of the psychological trauma of the survivors.

pitpeople - January 13
    3. welcome to the world of enigmatic robotics,vampires and cupcake people (lolz). The latest from "the Behemoth" gives the player an opportunity to journey through fierce but funny characters.
rise and shine - January 11

4. In this upcoming buster every player is a hero, the next great hope of the planet Gamearth. Take up the mantle of the sacred gun, Shine and fight off an army of space grunts to save the world and restore peace to your homeland.

sylvio- January 11

  5.   All you must do is to survive one night in the hunted Saginaw Family Park. you will have some handy EVP equipment to guide you along on this psychological horror game as well as the voice of the dead.

Dead Effect 2- January 13

6.  Uncover the dark secrets in Dead Effect 2. In this science fiction action-filled game, you’re an elite soldier tasked with taking control of a derelict spaceship. The only trouble is, are strong enough to withstand the fiasco. 

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