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Xbox is set to introduce yet another buster later in the year in Xbox one. Path of Exile; a PC supported platform video Game that was lunched seven years ago by some group of friends who met playing ARPGS online. Path of Exile since its launch has generated ware over 16 million fans worldwide which has made the game to a top position of winning Gamespot's PC game of the year and other awards.

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 In the Xbox version of Path of Exile, the players are given several opportunities including various character customization options, opportunity to experiment, character optimization and behavior modification. There are also array of massive passive skills serially arranged for the players to choose from. The unique aspect of the game is that you can modify and craft virtually everything, from the chests you stumble on your way, to the areas you play through, even the items and Jewels. According to the designers; "we love the fact that everyone has a unique character to build, so with each update we add more customization options."

Designer-Chris Wilson (Top right),creator- Eric Olofsson (middle) and Programmer-Jonathan Rogers(Top left)

In another note the company won’t be laying more emphasis on monetizing the game-play, in other words players will not be paying to improve the wealth of their characters, according to the designers "there is no way to pay to improve the wealth of your characters, if you have valuable item, everyone knows you have earned it". So when next you see a player with so much wealth points know that he worked for it.  Lol !

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