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          video game console can be said to be an electric set or device set apart to display visual motion image that translates into a video game , which enables the player interact avidly with the visuals output .Video game consoles can be categorized into four major types:

HOME VIDEO GAME CONSOLE: This kind of console is preferable to players who enjoy at gameplay at home. Home video game consoles are not mobile but they can be said to have gained more popularity in the world of video gaming. On a commercial level it is estimated that China, United State, Japan, Germany, South Korea and the U.K made the top chart as countries that made the most home video console software consumption. China and the United State tops the chart with
over 746 million and 250 million copies sold (source: respectively in 2016 only and had a monetary conversion to be over $24 billion and $23 billion. With its population in early 1980s home video game console has generated many video game software and hardware companies round the world. Major hardware companies include:
1.      Xbox
2.      Nintendo
3.      Sega
4.      Atari
5.      Sony
6.      Microsoft


2     1.      Nanco
3     2.      UbiSoft
4     3.      Polyphony Digital
5     4.      Neversoft
6    5.      Midway
7    6.      Square Soft
8    7.      Treasure
9    8.      Valve
1    9.  Id Soft
1   10.  Copcorn  e.t.c

HANDHELD GAME CONSOLE: This is more compatible electronic device which enables the player go mobile. It is rather smaller than the home video game console and has smaller keypads, screen and usually united in one piece. There are no much company that has contributed in the production of handheld video game consoles than Nintendo which can boost of the all popular Nintendo Gameboy, Wii U Game, NintendoSwitch and Nintendo DS. Over the years the handheld console made wave in the gaming industry but time has seem not to be favoring this once “cool jerker”. Really the popularity of handheld consoles is drastically declining, with the introduction of smart phones which has virtually taken over responsibility of any handheld console , the sales has been rather no encouraging any more. According to Scott Stein “mobile phones has taken over very thing, as they come, they come smarter and with more and more convincing content”.
 In time past Nintendo and Sony came out with some really great ideas, maybe even unappreciated ones, when it comes to glass-free 3D, a lot of clever which has local network social gaming. The playstation Vita approaches to streaming games to a second screen anticipated the multi-service that is currently present. Sony has also done pretty nice job by offering games that cross-play between game consoles and the smaller vita; in other words, one can price for a game and get it on Vita.
These are list of major handheld consoles:
       1.      Gameboy
2     2.      Lynx
3     3.      Game gear
4     4.      TuborExpress
5     5.      Gamete
6     6.      Game master
7     7.      Supervision
8     8.      Mega duck
       9.      Game wizard
1    10.  Visual boy

MICRO GAME CONSOLES: This is a type of video game console that are meant to connect to television and as well be downloaded from app stores. A clear example of this is your mobile phone game, Nexus player, GameStick and the all famous Ouya. Although some countries of the world like in western Africa, micro consoles out shines the home video consoles clearly due to the expensive nature of home game consoles. The idea that consoles might upgrade on annual basis is one that has been long expected. With the way Android has taken over the smart phone world in the past 6years, and some of the games consoles that follow suit, including the inclusion of play station in the manufacturing of the micro console it will be assumed that in time to come micro consoles will be measuring up with the it counterparts in the industry.
The origin of micro consoles cannot be fully ascertained, but can be traced back to 2010 cloud gaming startup and wireless controller that connects the computer game service to televisions. DeanTakahashi the founder of ventureBeats described it to be an attempt to turn the video game industry upside down and turning out to be an inexpensive console providing high-end games on low end hardware that could eliminate the cycle of regular consumer hardware upgrades.
List of major micro console manufacturers are:

1.      Onlive
2.      Sony
4.      Playjour
5.      Mad Catz
6.      Unicorn info system
7.      Time top
8.      Baidu
9.      Gamefly
10.  Soomax
11.  Lezibook
12.  Razer
13.  EMTEC
14.  Snakebyte
15.  Xiaomi
16.  Blue stacks
17.  Zero device

 DEDICATED CONSOLES: this is kind of ancient but you it can still be seen around. Dedicated console is devoted in to particular kind of game or games, and it’s not equipped for additional games, in form of cartridges, discs or other console media software. This is the earliest home video game system. the his history of dedicated consoles can be traced back to early 1970s where all game consoles were mostly cartridge-based systems, the most popular being pong and many others who term to look almost like it .These systems are typically not computers but continued a hardwired game logic.
During the second generation of consoles due to the success of the Atari 2600, though single systems like coleco’s mini arcade series continued to have a smaller presence in the home market until the video game crash of Northern America in 1983.since the existence of Nintendo entertainment system, cartridge based consoles have dominated the homes until the invention of CD-based consoles such as the Playstation gained prominence in the mid-1990.

                                          TYPES OF DEDICATED CONSOLE 
1.      Arcade games: this was developed from earlier non-video electronic game cabinets such as pinball machines, arcade-style video games are usually dedicated to a single game and do not allow do external output in the form of ROM cartridges.
2.      Game watches: This is an electronic wristwatch that allows the wearer to access and include video games that uses the display in the watch’s face on its screen. Game watch buttons which originally may have been used for setting hour and minute gain secondary functions. Examples of this are: Flagman, vermin, fire, helmet, parachute, octopus, chef, Turtle Bridge, fire attack, snoopy tennis, oil panic e.t.c.
3.      Joypad games: This type of consoled have appeared for mostly fishing game, where the unit’s body itself becomes a specialized controller in the form of a rod and reel. Other dedicated; consoles have been released for hunting, archery and even shooting games.
4.      Handheld TV games: this console integrates the video game console with the video game console. In modern times this dedicated home game systems are popularly referred to as “plug and play” because they are based on modern technology which enables the hardware and software of the entire game to be within a single controller, with no separate console at all. Some of these are clones of old games, and are produced in china while others contain licensed games and are distributed in mainstream store in the west.
5.      Handheld game: This is devoted to one game or a collection or built in-games, dedicated handhelds tend to employ simple LCD screens although older models often utilize more primitive arrays of small light bulbs or LED light to produce calculator – like alphabetical screens. This dedicated handheld console systems typically comprise a screen, a number of control buttons, and a compact body that houses the game engine.

Video game consoles have come a long way since the simple Arcade titles of the 1970s and evidence is mounting that the benefits of playing go well beyond entertainment and improved hand-eye coordination. It has really contributed in the improvement of our mental, social and cultural awareness, judging from the rise of multi-player experiences online has given way to a new form of socializing in which players work together to solve problems. But studies have shown games can also be the catalyst for friends to gather in person was as 70-80 % of all players play with friends at least most of the time. 


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