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iPhone and iPad Version of injustice 2 mobile launched in Philippines

Good news for INJUSTICE 2 fans in Philippines! Injustice 2 mobile has been launched in Philippines. Yap it has, penetrating into the combat -ridden world of Injustice 2, you're faced once again with your shabby lot of Superheroes. Unlike the first version, there has been an expansion on this latest version, there have been more characters, more modes, and some more of those charming images that can make you really improvise the title.

                    Injustice 2 characters

Furthermore, NetherRealm Studios the company behind the innovation is bringing more ways to hype,build, and adjust your (player) characters in this RPG card collector. Well, for me i have no idea of the outcome of this new product or whether they will live up to expectation, judging from the Call of Duty Game experience. I'm sure we all know by now that sequels which expand upon previous games are pretty hard to do successfully.
In this version the player got an option of fighting in single player mode in three-vs-three fights, or battling folks from all over the world in asynchronous (more than once) PvP mode. It's up to the player (you) to decide how you like to dominate.

So to my Philippine buddies...........congrats and also grab the game free-to-play on the App Store now. and one more thing! feel free to share your experience with us using the About Me Page on the right side of the page. or rather use the comment page. Cheers!!

By the way, hope you like my new template!

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