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Nintendo switch console John Cena, as he speaks on Legend of Zelda Experience

I think John Cena has found another hidden talent aside from wrestling and acting, guessing what the new hubby is all about? Gaming! Well……Nintendo switch game is out to promote its hybrid product and they have gone all the way to WWE. According to Cena who spoke to Sport Illustrated stated that he has been "floored" by the hybrid console and its "versatility." That he would speak overwhelmingly positive is no big surprise, as he's working with Nintendo on a planned marketing campaign for the new console.

John Cena at launch of Nintendo switch game console

"It really is a home console that you can take anywhere. I've seen situations where home consoles can be transported, and it's like a big over-the-shoulder carry-on bag, but the versatility of this thing is groundbreaking," he said. "When you undock the Switch from its home console and go into handheld, the controller feels the same, it is the same, and it reacts the same. The screen on the undocked handheld system is big enough to be its own world, but small enough to carry anywhere."
The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3. It costs $300 and does not come with any pack-in games. Extra sets of Joy-Con controllers are available for $80.

John Cena holding a Nintendo switch game

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is arguably the Nintendo Switch's biggest launch title. You can see all the launch games here and every title confirmed for the system here.

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