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Video Game Design: What video game designers do to get it right

           Sometimes we dive into fun without actually giving a precise meaning as to what really it is. But who cares! Video games are fun, so will there be any real reason for a definite definition. Or is there? Well, it should b‘cos the true essence and purpose of life fully presents itself when it is defined, because what we fail to define ends up defining us (and trust me you wouldn’t want that).
So, to the main topic. The video game design industry has grown beyond being a career for drop outs or school leavers, it has actually transgressed to being a job for the smartest people in the academic field of which it has been included as a course in some colleges and universities. Unlike years back you see things like "video game design graduate programs and video game design for middle school students" which goes to confirm that video game design as a career has come to stay. How does it all happen? What entails the creation of a good video game? What process is applied to make a whole fun-filled package? First let’s define this act of game play: Video game design can be said to be “a computer based apparatus that utilize the core systematic approach

in a specific composition of a particular visual content guideline, to bring into existence some interesting visual characters using a guided story line”. While a video game designer is the person who man those computer apparatus using a specific skill to achieve its objectives. The video game design salary depends on the size of the company that him/her and also the video game designer skills.

A video game designer

Now, if you can understand the word combinations on the this definition “ a computer based apparatus’’, this means that in the art of designing a video game, the involvement of computers tech. cannot be overruled, and also the synergy between some mirage of softwares is highly essential. Secondly, the definition says “core systematic approach in a specific composition’’. This signifies the orderly manner at which the video game coordinates should follow (more like a rule or guideline) that produces a well designed or written (in programming language) video game designer software.

The Systematic Approach to Video Game Designing.

  • Preliminary Design - This has to do with the concept of the proposed gameplay. It creates an understanding from the experience, reasoning and imagination of the designer. It generalizes a particular set of instance or occurrence through a recorded manifestation in a more concise explanation; it sets the story and theme for the proposed game.
  • Systematic Design - This stage involves enabling the player understand the rules and principles that provide direction to an action or behavior of the game. This includes the life span of the character, the direction , the combo moves, the functional motion of other characters e.t.c.
  • Game Inscription – This involves the literary presentation of the elements that should be included in the game, such as text, voice deed and sometimes Emojis. It triggers the emotion of the player. So if you are so in love with a particular game, that means whoever programmed the game inscription did a very good job. Meaning that the video game design and programming efforts that was put in was just perfect.
  •  Base Design – This i call the ‘’stunt’’ of video game designing. It is the construction of different structures, forms, shapes, and bodily proportions. Examples of this are the Hills, Forest, plain grounds, wadi, valley and Rivers in your action adventure games. A designer can use some design instruments like contrast, color, or spacing to direct the player in a specified direction (in most cases give the player a false impression) for fun driven purposes.
  • Communication Design - This is a design given to the proposed game to enable it interact with players; a feedback module. Example of these are the menu bar, the player life bar, the pause button , weapon synchronizer e.t.c. This blend into the mechanical programming of the game. It also has the power to keep the player going by feeding him instructional information about his adventure or leaves him to wallow in ignorance and confusion. Either ways, these choices has sure has an in-depth effect on the player. Imagine being left stranded on a particular adventurous path in interesting action warfare? I had be frustrated myself you know!
  •  Sound Design – This requires the inclusion of audio effects like tunes, voices and sometimes music. Though some of the players prefer playing in total silence, while for some, the sound it the rave. At the end of each video game design, the designers take the responsibility of making sure the game maintains an unvarying quality. But this according to professional, are more difficult under critical circumstances, as the entire grew may begin to lose concentration of the purpose of the particular game.
Video games design is a beautiful part of the computerized crafting process of creating or inventing a fun filled package that trills its audience in an overwhelmed sensation. So before you actually go for those video game design and development jobs, you have to first understand the art of video game design which should not be just an occupation or a craft of creating a salable product, rather be a purpose of redemption to the players psych.

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