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Blue-collar Astronauts out on on Xbox

Hey buddies! The Blue-Collar Astronaut gameplay is out on Xbox, it follows the “Easy to play, hard to master” adage. Which is to say, that a player can open a menu, activate his thrusters, and rotate his/her ship either left or right? The game has a complex rotation module which means that the player can move in two opposite directions. Thus, the challenge comes more from mastering low-gravity situational space flight rather than honing twitch reflexes. Which is a rewarding white-knuckled challenge, especially if you’re new to science.

The Blue-Collar Astronaut Xbox

In acknowledgment, Mutate Scott; the game developer stated that "At the end of the day, I hope that Blue-Collar Astronaut will be both a joy to play and add to a growing catalogue of games that delve into a world outside of escapism. And maybe, just maybe, it will leave the player with something to think about away from the controller. But if you just find yourself flying into space game beach balls for a couple hours, that’s cool too”.

 You might as well watch video below:

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