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Monster Hunter call Falico Armor coloring, horn coin.

New details about Monster Hunter XX have emerged from this week’s Famitsu. The magazine details Hunter Call, Felyne Palico armor coloring, and the Horns Coin. We’ve rounded up the information below, courtesy of Gematsu.

– New, local wireless play feature.

– Call hunters to a meeting place by turning on your Hunter Search, more like a meeting zone where they strategize.

– once the hunters are called upon they immediately respond, they’ll immediately join you at your meeting place and can participate in multiplayer.

– it has also proven to be the easy way to play with friends and family (who are of course gamers.

Felyne Palico Armor Coloring

– Set colors for your Felyne Palico Armor.

– Freely color each part of your Felyne Palico’s armor.

Some of the new Items also include Horns Coin

– Get these as a reward by clearing quests at “Horns”.

– Horns: a bar where you can accept G-rank quests.

– You can exchange Horns Coins for various items by giving it to the bar’s show girl

– Items you can exchange them for include raw meat, crossbow bullets, and other consumable goods, as well as things necessary for producing and strengthening armor.

– Can change the background music at the bar

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