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Here are some nine of the hottest Final Fantasy bad girls though there are more (which you can view from the video). These characters had kept us glued to our game pads.

Edea Kramer

Not the first character to be both villain and eventual playable character in this list of Final Fantasy villains, Edea Kramer is an interestingly attractive one. As one finds out, further into the story line of Final Fantasy VIII, Kramer is indeed a sorceress, but not in fact evil. From her introduction she is under the complete control of Ultemicia (a sorceress from the future), who has possessed her body. She seems like a blood-thirsty, power-hungry fiend, who exudes a sophisticated sexuality that is both alluring and off-putting. When free of possession, Kramer is the owner and operator of an orphanage, and is by no means as sexually revealing. Not that she’s no longer attractive, but it’s more the girl-next-door-meets-ravishing-yet-reserved-librarian. While possessed, Edea sports a very form-fitted, purple dress that has a very steep, and feather-bordered collar (though most of it sits nowhere near her collar). Her typically green eyes might be somewhat unsettling when she is possessed, as they turn a pale, yellow, with a hint of gold, but all the same…if one could take the outfit while she’s possessed, and simply get her to dress in it when she’s her everyday self, then one would have something truly wonderful.

Jill Nabaat

“Do be careful with those. For every task, there’s a perfect tool.” Now be honest, how many readers just went towards a sexual thought process having read that quotation? Unsurprising. Having utilized a more revealing photo of Jihl Nabaat in a previous Final Fantasy article, one thought it best to change it up, and show off her gorgeous, green eyes (something about the designers of these games, and their love of green eyes). This beautiful, and super-intelligent officer is a master of deception, and an unfortunately short-lived character, with regards to screen time. Sure, she does “die” at a certain point, but comes back as a character in the FFXIII-2 coliseum. Pointing out the treachery of two other characters who grace this list (because apparently beautiful people are rather villainous, as far as Final Fantasy is concerned), Nabaat knows just how to work a situation her way. At least, she knows how to do that in the academic sense. It turns out, however, that her assumptions of people are somewhat false, and her plans crumble, but that arrogance does admittedly lend well to her attractiveness.

Yuffie Kisaragi

Yet another Final Fantasy character that begins as a seeming villain, but ends up being a playable character, Yuffie Kisaragi is a master thief and ninja. After a certain section of the Final Fantasy VII story is complete, there are specific areas of forest where one can come across Yuffie in battle. She is surprisingly easy to beat and does little damage (though she does, as aforementioned, like to steal). Though she is defeated fairly quickly she immediately wants a rematch and eventually, after enough ass-kicking, one is given the option to take her on as a playable character. Depending on when in the game one does this, it may very well be pointless to use her for the purpose of beating the game, but there are several little adventures that are fun to bring her along for. Rather sneaky, and key to have around when thieving this skill, or that item from certain enemies, she does eventually turn, once again, on the party. When one enters Wutai, she makes off with every piece of material the party had, which makes for a fun little side quest, and one must save both her and Elena (mentioned further down), from the clutches of the overbearingly ridiculous Don Corneo.

 Aranea Highwind

Certainly the most attractive villain of the most recent installment, Final Fantasy XV, Aranea Highwind was shrouded in mystery when last discussed in an article on TheRichest. Making an attractive silver-haired woman is perhaps one of the best things the developers could do for the male Final Fantasy gaming population. Having already had silver-haired male characters like FFVII‘s Sephiroth, and his remnants: Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz, as well as FFIX‘s Kuja, one wondered if ever there would be a platinum-haired woman to ever grace the Final Fantasy screen. No longer hidden in such obscurity, Aranea is now known to be a mercenary working for the enemy (at least when first encountered). Fighting the party, this savvy, no-nonsense character leaves mid-battle as her shift ends for the day. Eventually, she becomes a member of the party for a brief time, to show the characters the ropes. Keeping the tradition alive, she also has two subordinates who follow her around, named Biggs and Wedge. When seen again in the game, Aranea has left the empire and is working once again as a surprisingly moralistic mercenary.


Sure, she spends more time working with the party in Final Fantasy XIII than not, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s responsible for some pretty villainous happenings throughout the game. “Let’s give up! Forget our Focus, we don’t need it!” Ready to give up her life’s mission (it would take far too long to explain the ridiculous constructs of society in FFXIII), Vanille travels along with a companion from the same village, albeit a different clan. Vanille has a lot more villainy to her than her partner in crime, but she somehow manages to be forgiven, by and large, for her deeds. Protecting her dear friend Fang, Vanille withholds pertinent information about just what she and Fang were meant to do hundreds of years ago, before they were sent into crystal stasis. In addition to that, she is also responsible for a fellow party member’s son being put into stasis, though she says nothing of it, and waits until Jihl Nabaat tell the truth, in hopes that the father, Sazh, would take vengeance on Vanille. But as said before, she is forgiven, by and large, for her actions. And lucky thing too.


Vanille’s dear friend Fang, the aforementioned character from the same village, is a sort of pseudo-Aussie character, who is incredibly confident (to the point of arrogance), and very skilled with her bladed lance. Her somewhat mystical garb is a big different from Vanille’s very girly outfit, but by no means is it lacking revelation of skin. Regardless, why is it that Fang is on the list as a villain from Final Fantasy? Well, she is complicit in the turning of Sazh’ son into crystal alongside Vanille. So there is that, but that’s not all. Fang also, however briefly, turns on the party as they decide to push forward to destroy Cocoon. Tired of all the planning and scheming, and following missions, and fate, Fang decides that if they want to go on, they can leave, or they can fight her, knowing that she will not back down, or go easy. Then, of course, her “spirit guide” (which is really just a summon who likes to make decisions for people), comes to put her out of her misery. However, to sway her back to the party, everyone comes to her aid, and Fang does once again join the fray…but being on the wrong side of Fang could be a very dangerous thing, and given her brief bit of villainy, there would be no surprise if she should find her way back there again.


Now don’t get too excited. There is no moment in Final Fantasy VII, where the character of Scarlet is found in such a manner. While this might be some peoples’ fantasy, it happens not to be that of Final Fantasy. Scarlet is the only female executive of the Shinra company, is the head of weapons development, and gives no heck about anyone but herself. Having severe contempt for most of her coworkers, one can only imagine how much she would come to hate the protagonist party members. Indeed, she does at the very least find them smelly, as is referenced in the Shinra board room (whilst the party is listening in from the vents above). The above photo makes Scarlet notable, and makes one wonder just how many gamers have found their way to wanting this villainous vixen. A quick Google search gives the answer to that question, and there are some photos that make one wonder just how people can find video game characters so attractive as to, rather than cosplay, and enjoy in reality, begin to draw rather graphic fantasies. Some people are indeed…interesting when it comes to hot video game characters.


Ah, now see, it’s much better when one takes a game character, and simply brings that character to life, rather than drooling over ridiculously graphic drawings. There is a very sad story with this boss from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Corrupted by the evil spirit of one of her ancestors, Mydia accepted the spirit, in order to save her lover from death. However, her lover was never resurrected and Mydia continued on to be a recurring boss and battle characters throughout the game. Unfortunately, other than information from her dead lover’s spirit, the player does not know the above reason for turning evil, until Mydia herself is laying there, dying after the final confrontation with the party. The final living creature of her race, fantasizing about Mydia may be a strange form of inter-species sex that may turn some people off…but thankfully, the character inspired people, like the above woman, to don the fake ears, and still wear the relatively revealing outfit for all to enjoy. How wonderful life can be sometimes.


Simply to look at her here, though she is animated unlike the last entry, Maenad is clearly an attractive character…and very much dressed like a certain version of Poison Ivy, from DC Comics. Realistically, the above photo is of the character of Rydia, from Final Fantasy IV, but the Maenads are basically replicas of this character anyway, so much so that physically there is no difference that matters with regards to this article. The Maenads are very interesting characters that a certain group of people would love to have in the bedroom. They can be rude and very direct in their speech, albeit rather robotic. They will only attack if ordered or provoked, and are very pragmatic with regards to meeting their own needs, and those of their master. They are also very powerful magic users, and can use this for manipulation…and given the way they look, it is no surprise that manipulation works well with them; even with their rather stoic, and non-expressive manner of speech.

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