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The edited version of the outcast 2 will released in Australia afterall

The Australian Classification Board yesterday issued a statement, that at the request of Outlast 2 Australian distributors and top Game blogs like IGN (and Bulevur of course!) , will not be providing the Board’s report on its decision until March 25. The Board also explained that “it is satisfied that the original version of the game that was refused classification has been modified to allow the game to be classified R 18+” (restricted for people under 18).

The Outcast 2 trailer game

In a Press Statement on Outlast 2, the developer Red Barrels was quoted as saying, that “Outlast 2 has been rated R18+ by the Classification Branch in Australia and will be released 26th April 2017. There will be only one version of Outlast 2 available worldwide.” Nice one!

If both of these statements are anything to go by, Outlast 2 may have been edited for its worldwide release. Although the game is yet to appear in either the ESRB (The Entertainment Software Rating Board) or PEGI ratings databases. The fact remains that Outlast is coming to Australia and secondly all is set for the epic release.

The Outlast 2 pics

The Outlast 2 has was banned in Australia because of its violent content that includes excess blood spilling image content, horror themes sex and gory sights.
Sometime in 200 Aliensvs. Predator was one near topical example of our present day Outcast which joined the league of controversial games that was refused classification by the Australian Classification Board. Back in 2013 South Australian Attorney-General John Rau made a number of official applications to the Australian Classification Review Board to review the MA15+ ratings of 12 games. The Review Board upheld all 12 MA15+ ratings and did not see fit to reclassify any of the games.

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