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Today, let’s shift a little from PS Games, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS Vita. Let’s do something Online, something free (Ooh! I love free games) something more Fupa.
FUPA is an Online Game platform that offers over 80,000 free online games including flash and internet games (all for free). The in-stoke game category include puzzles, dress-up (if you are 18) , strategy games (for the smart ass) , word games, card games , Action games, Adventure, board games, shooting, driving , sports and fighting games all placed on top the first navigation bar. My favorite category is the shooting category where you have some interesting games with rather funny titles e.g. Santa kills zombies (Lol) and Morality wars.

There is still some cool 3D action shooting games like Space bounty, Alien Vs predator and Harrier Scramble. Those are my favorite any way, you still has over 1000 free shooting game to choose from, all you need is to click on the “Click Here to Play” button.
Now to the interesting part, you can as well sign-up for a free membership to have the opportunity to relate with other 807,000 Fupa game fans that has same interest as you. A member has the chance to interact, save scores, and rank a particular game play. Recently , the highest player that tops the chart is “QUITTER” (her username) I doubt she lives up to that name ‘cos she has played over 800 games and has won 500 (can you beat that!!) I never play that much though, am still in my 25th.


1.      Unmatched supreme winner fupa – the highest rank after 500 game play.
2.      Uber fupa game player – after 300 game play.
3.      Uber fupa mover and shaker – after 300 scores.
4.      Fupa game player – after playing 25 games
5.      Winner fupa – after scoring 15 time at fupa games.

And the reward for reaching the peak of the ranking? Social influence ! if you know what mean ! its asocial thing , just like facebook you have others acknowledge your accomplishment , I once had a gal call (*winks*), but am still at my 25th gameplay I cant even imagine what happens when I get to the Uber fupa level.
But apart from the silly benefits , a winner is still entitled to own a fupa averta, receive awards and compete for the Unmatched supreme winner fupa level.

                                                           HOW TO SIGN UP

  •  Move mouse the mouse to sign up button at the right and click.
  •  Fill the simple form with the username of your choice, password, e-mail, date of birth (don’t worry its not ganna be displayed), choose an avatar (mine is robin hood) tick the newsletter (optional).
  • Click “click to play” and viola !! you are done.
You are onto FUPA; land of over 8,000 free games to play for free.


NB: you can still upgrade for free or on subscription bases (which is optional). And incase you encounter “Get healthy and save” advert, keep clicking and skip to ignore .

You can as well type in your experience at comment box to she your story. And don’t forget to say username and the  group you are in. Cheers!


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