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The fall 2: unbound is coming to switch. This was made known the Nintendo switch handle which bolding wrote ‘’we’re coming to the Nintendo Switch’’ This is can be said to be a great news though, but to the detriment of Wii U. The reason for this decision is unknown though but for reason best kwon to the campany they have decided to focus 80% of their resources on supporting the Switch
instead of the Wii U. As indies, the company said ‘’we simply don’t have the luxury of supporting a platform that’s clearly being sunsetted’’. But from the look of things, the company the company is quite confident that they will make it in time. Wish them luck on their weird decision. CLICK BELOW TO WATCH VIDEO:

IN OTHER NEWS: Hearthstone arrives Nintendo Switch; has a large touchscreen. 

Hearthstone is exactly the kind of experience that would be perfectly at home on Nintendo's handheld device; no changes would need to be made in terms of interface, at least when it comes to playing in portable mode. When docked, the Joy-Con could potentially be used as a pointing device to make selections. Both Donais and fellow designer Matt Place note that any potential PS4 to Xbox One 

release would have been drastically re-thought in terms of interface, and in that regard the Switch has a big advantage over those consoles.
Would you like to see Hearthstone on your Switch, or do you prefer playing in on your phone, tablet or PC? Tell us by leaving a comment.

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