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Zombie Roadkill Game - Review and My Experience #Fun

Zombie Roadkill - My Experience        

It was not funny standing alone in front of all those ugly blood-dripping disgusting half-dead humans, as they ascend towards me dragging along their semi-mangled bodies looking no other direction but mine, perceiving no other fragrance but that of my blood; waiting to scratch it out with their razor blade sharp fingernails capable of crashing the red off anybody’s flesh, suck-in those grotesque blood dripping mouth, stick-up there tongue and make a delicacy off your flesh. The goriest scene will be their simultaneous up-match as they approach from all angles moaning in hunger, very ready to devour. Raze them in the flames of your “Heavy Weapon” or Grenade, the Fat-huge – boss steps in that bumpy –like movement reminding you of the longest 40 seconds of your life. Hope you have got enough machine gun bullets, Grenades, landmines, and even your heavy weapons ready like I said it’s really going to be the longest 40 secs of your life. But hey! Mahn it just a Video Game! Welcomes to zombie road kills Episode 2.

Zombie Roadkill - My Experience

For the first time in my life, all I can think of was killed! Kill!! Kill!!! Damn it! These guys are just too guilty to be spared; their all bloody eyes are so red you start wondering whether there was once an eyeball in those eyes, in fact, they looked more evil than the devil himself. More reason why I can’t wait to reload my 15 MM Smart gun to continue my rage, course more havoc to does children of Evil, the same job my XA325 Mini Gun did perfectly well (but I just have to upgrade). My traveler SUV or wanderer Truck would have complimented my efforts but hey! Have just decided to play the “endless mode” yes, Endless! No peace for the wicked remembers?

So I riddled my ever performing bullets on those suckers like a dew moving vertically, I fired rapidly and only slow down a bit when it is time to reload, after which the assault continues. On and on I continued until I noticed something, some dude dies faster when shot in the head especially those skinny ladies and their fat gluttons boyfriends with “life Bars” attached above their heads. That was when the #Fun got kinkier; I just discovered how to spill more blood with fewer bullets. At first, I felt like Christopher Columbus – I just discovered the sea route to India.

Zombie Roadkill Game Review

Stage by stage I ascended, with the rage of a heartbroken girlfriend I continued my crusade against these staggering Angels of Death. Then I got to that stage where I am required to use the Night Vision, it was tough at first; but that's the fact about Video games that makes you want to move on, thanks to my “Flamethrower Heavy armory” that has been doing some good job just as my previous Rocket launcher: surviving the green stage was a bit of a challenge though.

zombie roadkill game for pc

By and by I conquered my travels. On and on my conquest lingered until I got to my 48th stage this time this Zombie demon has renewed their promise of eating my flesh for dinner, but little did they know that “the General isn’t ready to be used for a Hotdog in Mc Donald Pizza”. At least not tonight! As the assault advanced, my weapon also upgraded. The best option would have been the almighty “Shockwave “cost 180,000 but then I could not buy my way through it, I’m still in stage 48. So I had to go for the “Laser Cleaver” heavy weapon since it was the only best possible option (not like am settling for less) but I have got to go back into the Battlefield. The Leaser Cleaver was one of the most powerful but the Area covered was actually mild like a virgin’s breast (mild is the wrong word for a situation such as this) I need to cause more havoc! The only situation the Cleaver proved more useful was at the emergence of the big (boss) guy, it usually pierces through its heart and makes him groan in pains after some few shorts, unlike other heavy weapons.

But my dare need to roast the subordinate of the devil was intoxicating, so I had to step down a bit to get back my Flamethrower which covers more in terms of destruction, and …………Bingo did work out. I am back!

I continued my rage and conquest but not for long, my reign didn’t last this time. It actually lasted for a while immediately after I reached stage 49; my life Bar was not just encouraging any more. Holy hit! I felt like committing Hara-kiri at that point, my armor was still in a pretty good shape but how can I walk the path full of Zombies without a full life bar at now stage 49? At that moment I knew it was the end, as they staggered their dislocated body towards me I just knew that was it, it’s time to end it, as a (legendary) zombie road Killer. I-am-Bulevur the greatest Zombie roadkill Player!!! As I continued firing sporadically and releasing every weapon in my armory I felt more accomplished at least I didn’t die like a coward. Yap! I ended it in glory. But then I relished it’s just a game.


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