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Ghost Recon Wildlands celebrates Anniversary, Holds 6 hrs Interview.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is celebrating their one year anniversary. And to mark it, they have taken to some activities to reward their esteem players which include giving out some gift items (they never said what). And to further spice up the moment, they have created a video of their favorite moments throughout this one year. As for the gifting items, they will be arriving with their next title update, “New Assignment” which will be available in the Ubisoft
Club and other Game communities.

 In further activity, the term is also launching the GhostRecon Community Developer group for an effective interaction amongst the players.
#BulevurGames also gathered that the Ghost Recon Wildlands invited some of their hardcore Players from round the world to their Paris studio for a live feedback on how to make the community grow larger, an interview that lasted for 6 hrs. We keep you updated .

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