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Battle for Azeroth (World of Warcraft) scheduled for launch August 14.

Source - WoWWiki - Fandom

            The latest expansion for World on Warcraft has been slated to be launched on the 14th of August (2018). According to the game director Hazzikostas while addressing the press at the Activition Headquarters in California United State said that the latest modification which he revealed was the 17th of its kind will enable players explore more terrines, look for allies that will accompany them recommence assaults on the enemy (Horde and the Allies). In Battle for Azeroth everything seem different, far from conventionality, the adventure takes you to some dynamic island where you are given the opportunity to face either an AI Machine or humans.

Since the introduction of World of Warcraft, this is the first time players are made to sail the islands of Kul’Tiras and Zandalar on a quest to explore the new additional spectacular features like the new dungeon, progression arrangement and the newest method of raid.
In this new expansion, players are meant to really get ready for war by accumulating enough supplies materials like Azurite and Gold, as soon as it accumulates the warfront will opened to commence the assault of the opposition fortress. Should a winner emerge, the zone becomes theirs and to be unlocking the treasures owned by the conquered. But not withstanding there are always opportunity for the vanquished to go back stock enough supplies and still come back to take back their kingdom. In a nutshell, it is meant to be a war! War! War! Experience. See you after 14th August for more details. #Bulevur

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