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Encounter with “Speed Superhero” (The Flash) Game. Not Pleasant.

                             speed superhero with Thor image

It all start with a tap on my smartphone screen and within seconds an image materialized , a macho looking human structure wearing an overall Spiderman-like tight fitting red suit with yellow tiny strip that ran round the waist, wrist and arms. As per the speed superhero costumes, it is just perfect! with Thor standing savvy as it awaiting orders, orders that will eventually come any second. Standing in the middle of a deserted metropolitan main street, with a tall residential buildings scattered at both side of the road, “The Flash” gets jogging on pushing the forward button on my screen; not too fast , not slow , it maintained a steady pace in a straight forward direction . As it passes through the almost empty street boldly marked with Zebra Crossing sign sand pedestrian path way demarcations. At this point, I just knew I had to be careful due to the slit ominous sound in the disco (sort of) background sound track. Already sited the enemy now I marshaled out my defense tactics as I drew close, but the closer I got the more surprise I became to the enemy figure in the more surprise I became to the figure in front of me. I was still in doubt till I am now close enough to relies that the so- called enemy is “Thor”! Yap…… The same Thor, one of the sons of Zeus. On seeing me he released his giant hammer before I could say #BulevurGames! he launched a fierce attack on me (the Flash) without even knowing whether I am fan!

                              Speed Superhero image

After two defenseless sledge I picked up courage and applied my side kick giving him tit for tat , after about 2 punches to his stomach (’cos he was too tall I could not reach the face) he groaned in pain, as a smart fighter I just have to forge ahead to escape the almighty giant Thor. After the Thor experience I just had to apply my ultra speed super power ability to compliant my slow and steady jogging movement. This stage I call the super power stage where the flash will have to activate his leaser light magical powers against the “the lady with a magical Orb”. After some fierce power tussle, the green wonder warrior lady had to give up to my (The flash) powerful leaser light.

After my brief conquest, I was rewarded with a full life bar but not without another task. This time, I was meant to eliminate the Sword Girl who has been creating unrest in the city. And secondly I have a specific instruction to kill her with just my Blue Ray super power. So I had to obey the clarion call, I forged ahead with only intention of finding the girl enemy but at the end, she was actually the one that found me. She just appeared from nowhere in the middle of the road and launched an attack. Of cause I had to live up to the occasion by fighting her back, even with her sword, I must confess it wasn’t that difficult. The next mission was actually in same city, trust me this time I was actually getting tire of the whole game logistics, so I planned my last mission carefully which mean I had to activate my Iron Man land of flying power (just love the way it lands) at last I met the Wild Panther but duo to the fact that I have turned into a soldier who has lost motivation, the panther had to pierce his sword in my stomach. Mission felled I guess. 


The speed superhero games was a bit unfit to represent a complete Flash experience. The charisma is perfect but the effect is a No-no!
  • The resolution is a bit crackly and dense, therefore depending on the player to savor other characters in the game especially their consume.
  • The programming is not just superb, ’cos sometime The Flash Superhero Games “run through building”.
  • The flash attack formula is not just fierce enough to intrigue the player.

Though am no fan of The Flash Franchise, but I guess I can still tell a good game when I see one. I don't know whether The Flash is the only superhero with speed , but i always have this feeling that any other superhero creation will do better.

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