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video game industry in Nigeria: A Goldmine Never Explored.

          The major problem with IT industry in Africa can easily be related to little or no statistical data available for either appraisals or forecasting, which most of the hinder adequate planning.
In our very minds the video game culture might be dead and gone, but in actual truth, it has become more like a beautiful pool of gold left for only foreigners to savor. The lack of data for the video game consumption for Nigerian gamers actually made the sector almost impossible to assimilate. Though not complete lost, there are still one or two reliable data banks most from the Top Video Game companies that can always compliment the near non-existence factor Africa though still harbor 75% of the model's 3rd world country but believe it or not it has remained a major market concentration for western multinationals. According to Newzoo Global Games Market Report, African video game market has and expected to grow by 26.2% year-on-year growth. With total gaming population of 100.4 million who spends not less than $1.66 Billion annually which accounts for less than 3% of global revenue? This growth does not just base on one section of gaming; it extends its growth also to the mobile game section which has been tagged to remain the largest growing segment with a year-on-year revenue growth rate of 30% -60% in the coming year. This rapid growth can be attributed to the increasing number of smartphones and mobile internet users springing up on a daily basis. 

According to BulevurGames, the Middle East and Africa (MEA); a regional segment that contributes $3.2 B to the Global Game Market has just 5 countries their top performing in the region which generate more than 60% of all MEA gaming revenue. The countries include Turkey which has claimed the 16th position in largest games market in the worldwide chart with annual revenue of over $755 Million. Other countries that made it within the MEA gaming revenue. The countries other countries that made the list within the MEA segment chat include:

  • Saudi Arabia – 2nd, revenue - $50.2 Million.
  • Iran – 3rd, revenue - $270 Million.
  • UAE – 4th, revenue - $249 Million.
  • Nigeria – 5th, revenue - $18.2 Million. 

The video game industry in Nigeria ranked 5th at the MEA segment of Global Games Market with over $18 Million annual revenue. Then the question is who makes all those monies? Who has been relishing this $1.66 Billion industry all this while without a whisper? The answer is somehow rhetorical; the console and game publishing companies of course. Though judging from the economic situation in the country one can easily doubt the existence of video game community talk less of a high video games industry revenue, but thanks to the eagle eye of the companies that have looked beyond CNN one-sided-new documentaries. And for Christ sake this guys once gained a spot in the “happiest people in the world” top 10 ranking, so we hoping that a will come when we clinch the top 10 most successful video game companies too. But then again, only if the industry can diversify their activities by engaging in other events like game competitions (as in video game competition business), Esports events e.t.c. that way, the industry will gain more exposure in the outside world and as well attract foreign investments hence increase the video game industry revenue, then again we keep the money here!

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