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Top 10 Video Game Company Names With Their World Ranking

Top 10 video game company names

       It is no more news that the video game industry is a $125.4 billion industry (and still growing by 3.2% annually). This is made possible by the numerous industry publishers who have over the years made wonderful games that thrilled our fancy. Today we are taking some of our data from the Newszoo top 25 companies which we have taken as the top 10 most successful video game companies in the 21st century. Our source of data analysis remains the trusted which is why we have adopted it as a success appraisals. So, as for our source of data presentation, it is the most reliable.

Top 10 Video Gaming Industry Companies:


This company does not actually begin with gaming, Tencent is the biggest investment corporation and has the largest internet and technology company in the world. Their major business line is social networking, E-commerce, internet services, payment system, Smartphone and of course mobile games. Though not so many knew that this company also has a multiplayer online game platform which also performs great. This $580 billion Chinese company and among the top 10 richest video game companies in the world is the sole owners of the largest instant messenger in China known as Tencent QQ as well as the largest web portals; . on an interesting note, recent also owns one of the world’s most powerful Apps – the WeChat which has generated over 700 million active users and 120 million paying subscribers worldwide . In the video game section, Trancent success started with the acquisition of riot games for $230 million. From 2017 till date Transcent has released over 170 games that have most headlines including Minecraft, Cities: Skylines, Rocket League, and Portal Knights e.t.c.


Sony corporation launch playStation games in 1994 and ever since then, it has out-run many publishers in the market especially Nintendo. the company has been named to be the most successful best selling console game, selling over 150 million unit as of 2011. From 2011 till date, PlayStation games has over 200 games listed on the “list of official greatest hits titles” with Top games like Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Anthology, formula 1, grand Auto theft, resident Evil: director’s cut, Tomb Raider II Twisted. Call of Duty: finest hour, call of Duty 3, Hitman: Silent Assassin, iron man, Spiderman, Tekken 4 and 5, Transformers: the game, and the call of duty; black Ops to mention but a few. As at the end of 2017 Sony’s annual revenue increased by 16% representing $15.3 billion in 2017.

Activation Blizzard

The California based entertainment company and the original publishers of Call of Duty: modern warfare 3 which happen to sell over $400 million in the US and UK in just 24 hrs after release, just like the counterpart Call of Duty 2: The Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops III which sold out over$360 million under 24 hrs and 310 million respectively This particular scenario has actually claimed the tag of the biggest entertainment launch of all time. And just for the records, Activition is the only company after Atari and electronic art (EA) to make the Forbes Fortune 500.


Microsoft studio the official name for the game production wing of Microsoft Corporation and the official owners of Xbox, Games for window store and window phone platforms as well. Some of their top unique production includes Age of Empire, Helo, gears of war, Forza, Minecraft, crackdown e.t.c. one of Microsoft games studio acquisition was renamed to the coalition solely for the purpose of focusing on “gears of war” development. Microsoft video studio has succeeded in making few fantastic games that thrilled games worldwide, games like and white, Minecraft, Azurik, lost odyssey, killer instinct e.t.c. As at Q3 of 2017, Microsoft became the third biggest profit earner after Nintendo and Sony with $9.5 billion.


Much cannot be said about apple without referring to apple app store, a catalog of over 37 million songs, over 1 million podcasts, 40,000 music video, 45,000 audiobooks and over 1 million games. In 2013 the iTunes store registered over 575 million user accounts and still growing. Though not much data was collected to the availability of statistical data from Apple industries from the software monitor analysis collected as at the time of this report show a significant inflow of downloads coming from the apple game section of the App Store.


This is another Chinese video game maker that made it to the list. This Chinese internet technology company founded in 1997 has grown to become the largest online PC and mobile games in Asia. NetEase has is worth over Y38 billion (in 2016) with total assets of Y58.032 Billion and has over 15,000 employees worldwide. The company has produced some really cool interesting PC games that have dominated the world game market; these games include Tianxia III, Heroes of Tang Dynasty, Zero and Ghost II, and New Westward. NetEase has made a regional partnership arrangement with Activition Blizzard that gave birth to some thrilling games like the Dialo III: Reaper of Souls world of Warcraft, Hearthstone, StarCraft II and the ever-intriguing Overwatch. Aside from game making, NetEase also offers services like messaging App – Yichat, mobile News App, Youdao dictionary Youdao cloud note-taking service, Email services E-Commerce and Wangyibao – an online payment system.

Electronic Art (EA)

This is an American video game company popularly known for their action parked games like the army of two series, Battlefield series, FIFA Series, medal of honor series, NBA Series, star wars series, plant and zombies series and The Simpsons series. In 2013, the company almost went into crisis when it was named the among went into crisis when it was named the among the worst companies in America by The Consumerist poll because of their role in Mass Effect 3 and Dead Space 3. But from the look of things, it looks the company is a hundred steps ahead of their game judging from their 7th position at the Top 10 best video game companies in the world.


Google has proven to everyone once again that they are good at what they do. With the rapid success, they always gather in every business they venture. Google play game was launched in July 2013 especially for Android that features real-time multiplayer gaming capabilities and as well as offer cloud save social services. Today Google games are being placed at the #8 on the top 20 biggest game companies in the world. 


This may see the most popular game company in the world but define the game company in the world but definitely not the #1. Nintendo entertainment has been said to be the grand pioneers of the video game industry judging from their role since the video game crash 1983. Nintendo modern day popularity doubled after the launch of Legend of Zelda: a breath of the wild and ever trending switch console.

Bandai Namco

The Tokyo based Entertainment Company that once made its ways to the Guinness world records for creating 100 different versions of Nintendo DS Game, Solatoroba: Red the hunter. The company is known for great popular products like Tekken 7, Get Even, and Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, Ben 10, Super Robot Wars X, One piece world Seeker, e.t.c.


There are other successful video game companies round the world who are enormously doing well but those ones mentioned above are just the top 10 most successful video game companies in the world today, as in the major pilots of the video game industry.

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