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Top Reasons Why People Hate Online Game: A Comprehensive Approach

Why Do People Hate Online Games?

Another man’s food is the other’s poison they say. In our world today, nobody has got the right to in totality to distinguish between good and bad, positive and negative, what is right and what’s not, in other words the fact that 80% is on the wrong side should not make it right rather it should actually make it a call for concern. Over the years the consumption of online games (MMOPGs) has skyrocketed with companies making millions and billions of dollars from this single franchise. For example in 2008 the spending on subscription MMORPGs by customers in North America and Europe grew to $1.4 billion a true example of this being World of Warcraft; a popular MMORPG that has over 10 million subscribers as of November 2014. Also in 2011, Star Wars:The Old Republic was recorded to be the world’s fastest-growing MMOG after gaining more than 1 million subscribers within the first three days of its launch and more or less became the online game of life. And over the years the patronage has persisted till November 2014. Also in 2011, Star Wars: The Old Republic was recorded to be the world’s fastest-growing MMOG after gaining more than 1 million subscribers within the first three days of the launch. And over the years the patronage has persisted.

Why do people hate online games
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But be it as it may, the slight dislike by the video game community has actually triggered the curiosity of video game analysts, writers and bloggers as well. So in my inquisitive character, I and my team at #BulevurGames conducted an online survey to actually demystify the sudden despise of this once wonderful online games to play with friends that once thrilled our world sometime from 2004- 2008.

Few Reasons Why People Hate Online Gaming :

  • Finance – money has always been the problem of an average avid gamer, ’cos from time to time you need to change stuffs, stuffs like cables , purchase the latest game keys e.t.c . Their main problem lays in either purchasing a good Wi-Fi , computer system or internet subscription which are mostly very expensive commodity. In most countries like the united state, china, and Briton the availability of internet Wi-Fi are never a problem, but same cannot be said in third world countries where internet subscriptions are exorbitant.
  • Bad or no internet connectivity – Almost same as our first explanation , in most counties of the world (mostly third-world counties) Wi-Fi connections are nothing are nothing to write home about , to make matters worse you cannot even load a page still after some 40 sec (yes! That’s how bad it is). In Nigeria for example despite the thriving telecom market. in some occasions Wi-Fi users cannot actually differentiate between 2G from 3G network ’cos both are almost some in speed. So with this, an average online gamer will be easily discouraged in going for it at the first place.
  • Ego – Now this is rather funny, some gamers actually see themselves as greater specie, they don’t have an actual reason for despising online games, in fact their hatred is borne out of cynicism. To them it’s more like a big boy thing – its way below their level. And on a familiar note, those that process such attitude are mostly PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Oculus owners. Will it be nice if I call them video game racist? Lol…..just kidding.
  • Comfortability – In as much as players won’t mind standing while playing, to some comfortability is everything. They just love leaning back on their couch, relax and enjoy the experience, a process you hardly consider while playing an online game which involves mostly sitting fixated on a chair and sticking closer to their PC, an experience not every gamer might love to go through.
  • Freedom to pause – Since this involves two different people in two entirely different locations, sometimes to pause a game while you checkout your pot in the kitchen or answer a phone call might not just be the best idea. The other player sometimes press the pause button while your rave moment is at the peak. Though sometimes some people will deliberately prefer to be assholes. More of Killjoy. 
  • Networking – Some people are naturally clusterphobias while some most love their open space especially when they play with a friend by their side. To those people, physical presence actually matter. To them that pat on the back, the Oh! Man and the tease means a lot so, such people hardly find it convenient to go for online gaming hence can never have interest in this platform.
  • Faulty infected games – We discovered that majority of online games are actually faulty as in hangs or have a cracky resolution. This scenario doesn’t just go well with some gamers as they have made a big deal out of it. To them, since one online game goes bad their assumption goes wild.
  • Embarrassment - Now this one pisses me off! for people like us who so much hate to be embarrassed , this is more than enough reason to stay away from online games (but pleases don’t ….lol) . Most a times your game partner deliberately goes offline just when you are about to win and everyone hates that thing. Now who does that?! this single behavior has got the power to makes any online gamer go mad and so much despise online gaming platform, a friend of mine once said and I quote “a real gamer is like Rambo; a solo soldier whose only thing he shares is the joy of achievement not the success of achievement”. And I kinda agree with him on that. So what happens if those “punk ass” takes away the joy of your achievement on purpose? So embarrassing.
  • Old School – some are just too primitive and rigid to adjust. After few questions to some individuals we found out that some gamers are totally ignorant of the existence of online game genre. It is surprising but very true! they are just too clued to the conventional gaming system that they hate anything that will come in between their regular routine. You might as well say they are afraid of change, who knows?


I know there are more reasons people actually scare away from MMOPGs and hate the online games but no matter how bad it seem, it still remain the best to millions of gamers around the world. By the way, you can still Sign up Here to choose from over 8000 online game free or check out our online game catalog to make your selection. Keep the gaming community alive!

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