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Stealth Game Aragami: Shadow Edition Coming Soon to Xbox One.

 Stealth Game Aragami

Checkout Aragami, a stealth game in which you play a saint that can control the shadows. The night is your co-worker, and you can control it and utilize it further to boost your good fortune. You can utilize shadows as a methods for bouncing between two far off focuses, make new ways which will conceal you from your foes, invoke physical weapons and adversaries, invoke physical weapons and traps and even summon shadow brutes that will quietly and quickly discard your foes.


Aragami begins from the minute you are breathed life into back by Yamiko, an effective soul that is caught in the fortification of Kyuryu. You soon understand that there is a unique association among you and that she is the key to opening the lost recollections of past. Amongst you and your objective is The Army of Kaiho, a savage power of decision. Just by liberating Yamiko you will have the capacity to reveal the privileged insights of your past life and comprehend why you have such dull forces. Aragami xbox one release date is rumoured to be this month.

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