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Nigeria video game community: the clique of fighting gamers.

                Nigeria video game community just like its counterpart in other African countries have got a common problem infrastructure, digital counter and tracking softwares that monitor the progress of any game genre and every video game genre. Another is the poor internet connectivity that could have given Nigerian gamers an opportunity to share their online presence. But notwithstanding, the Nigeria fighting game community still exist nevertheless (just not overly organized).

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In the absence of an authentic analytical data, we have made research based mainly on the use of online presence of fighting gamers. Street Fighter (PS3) takes the league of an active gaming clique followed by Tekken. Though as per Street Fighter, which cannot be said to be active in erecting a platform these fighter gamers can actually come together for some kind of rapport as members are seen in virtually all online video forums and social media group pages having their moments whereas, there is no exact Nigerian Street Fighter convergence .
The other convergence of the Nigerian fighting game community is actually the game competitions, competitions that cannot be said to measure up with it counterparts in the rest of the world. There are still whatsapp group like Razy’s Whatsapp group that tries to bring together fighter gamers.
Sometime in 2016, some group of fighter gamers started converging at the Odyssey Lounge Lekki Lagos State every Thursday under the auspices of Lair Playground and with free admission as well. Such mini convergence of fighter gamers still give way for other competitions places the winning prize to be N500, 000.

Some peculiar fighting games amongst Nigerian games.

There are numerous fighting games among Nigerian game community, and inasmuch as creating a video game community is not that easy, but some particular fighting game has automatically hijacked their love for fighting games which includes: 
  • Dead or alive
  • Guilty gear 
  • Revelator 
  • Tekken 
  • Street fighter legends XD 
  • USF4 
  • MKX
  • Mortal Kombat.

Fighting games in Nigeria has always been the thrill of the moment since the days of Sega Mortal Kombat before its transaction to PlayStation and Xbox. The problem with having a definite fighting game community is same as having an organized Nigerian video game community; the effect is tantamount in effect, once you get one right, the other fits in naturally. Looking at the flip side, average Nigerian fighter gamers are still scattered all over game forum and social media pages round the world, only if there will be a single platform that will bring them together under one umbrella that will serve as a stepping stone to building a larger community.

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