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Taiwan video game market: Rising above Asia. video game industry size

Taiwan, the pride of the east Asia has risen above her peers both in all level of economic growth, finance, industry, manufacturing and of course video gaming.
According to the latest Newzoo global mobile game market analysis as well as the Newzoo global mobile game market, a lot of upward activities have been observed in that country of recent, making it a very attractive destination for publishers and console companies. With a growing population of over 14 million players and an anticipated spending of $3 billion on in-game purchase towards the end of 2018. The Taiwanese video game industry has clinched the 15th position in the world’s largest game market.

image taiwan flag representing the taiwan video game community

The Taiwanese gamers are not really gender sensitive ’cos the amount of females that play online games are slightly comparable with their male counter. In the survey, which is the most progressive in video game market history. The percentage male and female online players are place at male – 67% and the female – 60%. On the mobile gaming category 65% of women are said to at least play a mobile game once a month. One the console category, 35% of men is very active while active women maintained 20%.
And on a happy note, since last six months the playing population of gamers who usually spend to either power-up, upgrade or purchase stronger weapons has a rapid growth when it hit 78% in gender specification, men represents 32% while the female has 30% (their purchases could be related to buying power-ups).

The Streaming Community

As per the streaming population, the country is not doing badly either. If is estimated that half of Taiwanese internet population watch gaming video contents on the computers while 49% do same with their mobile phones. Aside normal video game streaming, esports fans still increase in their hundreds as esports fans have been flooding the Riot Game’s of Legends making League of Legends the most watched YouTube video in Taiwan. It has also been established that out of all the total esports viewers, 120% watch esports video several times per month. Surprisingly console games are the less played in Taiwan representing just 55% as against 91%. For PC and over 120$ for mobile. The total worth of Taiwan video game industry size still remains at $1.3 billion while the player population is currently recorded at 14.5 million.
As video game industry continues to make waves in various economies the need to control its effect on kids is still very paramount. Until next time when we bring you another progress from the world of video game, play safe.

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