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Video game competition in Nigeria, a journey yet to start.

           The Nigeria video game industry according to Newszoo is a $18 million industry. But looking at it from the realistic angle this industry is literally a seller’s market, meaning that the situation is a buy-buy situation.
Most of the companies that actually dominate this industry are still same console game company that has controlled the world’s console game market: X-box, PlayStation, and Nintendo. These companies establishes a market in the country without a permanent structure that can sustain it, meaning that they come, make their money any off they go without acting building a facility that can actually sustain the market.
Such industry sustenance measure includes organizing events that have capacity to sustain the video game market; such events include competitions, video game competitions which has actually made itself a critical part of the industry in the countries.
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In countries like Hong Kong, Japan, USA, UK, China and Taiwan create a game competition that is poised in producing stars that are synonymous to Hollywood super stars (more like celebrities). In these countries too winning prize for winners runs in millions of dollars, making the whole thing an aspiration worth dreaming about.

Major Competitions across Africa.

  • Kwese sports and ESL – sometime in 2016, South Africa’s Kwese sports had a partnership agreement with ESL to take esports had a partnership agreement with ESL to take esport in Africa to the next level. Though the experience some hurdles but existence of such concept actually gives hope to African game industry.
  • African gaming league – this was founded by Chiekezie Dozie and Samuel Udema in Lagos Nigeria. According to Umanah “I was inspired by GameBeat and we tried to do our own African GameBeat”. During the course of this project the African Gaming league grew a community of about 8000 gamers and still growing. During the competition, the players compete in a tournament with EA’s FIFA 16 soccer game and the winning prize is about $1500
  • Lair playground – this is not that big but it is still very popular. Lair playground’s Game Night at Odyssey Lounge Lekki Lagos, Nigeria serves as a meeting point for mostly fighter gamers but the little get together of gamers ahs gradually turned into a competitor’s clique for gamers and subsequently the community has been growing since 2016.
  • The Razzy Tournament – funny enough, the Razzy is a Whatsapp group created by serious gamers who are really enthusiastic about fighting game genre. This group has grown so big that the money prize for winner is N500 ($1,388). And it usually comes up every month.

From the Global scene.

Sometime in 2014, publishers 343 industries developers of Hola game play in a course to revive the Hola as an eSport, they created a Halo Championship series which has the price tag of $50,000 for winners.
Universities and colleges especially in the united state have recognized eSports players since 2013 and even offer athletic scholarships. Such institutions include Robert Morris University Illinois and the University of Pikevile.
In 2017 Tespa, Blizzard Entertainment made public its interest to provide scholarships and prizes for college eSports clubs competing in its tournaments which are estimated to worth $1 million. In 2018 (this year), universities like Harrisbug university of science and technology began a tuition scholarship program for eSports players.
In 2016, the French government started working on a project to regulate and eSports as a national event.
According to the summit held by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2017, the team acknowledged the growing popularity of eSports, concluding that eSports might just be considered as a sporting activity. According to their communique, “competitive eSports could be considered as a sporting activity, and the players are to train in the manner comparable to athletes in traditional sports”.
Japan being one of the major players in the global video game industry and also have the largest video game community in the world, the country is currently making plans to bring eSports to the 2020 Summer Olympics and beyond.

Video game competition business in Africa has a long way to go; today we hear names like Kevin Luo, Evil Genius, OG, Astralis, Alvin (SSB), EnvvUs and many more of eSports super stars. These names emerged at the course of one tournament or the other, only if Nigeria can lead the rest of Africa into organizing competitions such as those you find the those countries mentioned above, it will further expose the country and the players to the rest of the world for the country, they will be countered amongst the committee of video game playing countries.

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