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All You Need To Know About The First Ever Drunk Fighting Games: Drunken -Fu: Wasted Masters Review

Game – Drunk – Fu: Wasted masters
Genre – Action (fighting Game)
Twitter - @RustoGames

Kung Fu Masters Games - Drunk Fu Wasted Masters Unblocked

Finally, drunk-fu has been released on xbox one on 17th August 2018 despite the fact the side talk that drunk Fu wasted masters was hacked. Let’s look at what to expect in this maniac looking kung fu fighting game play. Shall we? Drunk-fu is multiplayer kung fu masters game developed by Rusto Company – an independent game company based in the ice ridden city of Kajaani Finland.

Already Drunk Fighting Games on Steam has been released on iOS, PC and Mac platforms though there has been clamor from fans for its introduction on Android platform, but for now not a response has been heard from the developers just like in the case of Asphalt 9: Legends that has received series of modifications over the years as a result of reactions from fans.

Drunken Fighting Game - Drunk Fu Game Mechanics 

In drunk-fu: wasted masters, the players are meant to team up with buddies to attack and beat up some bullies. Unlike the high school bullies, the attack in this Drunk Fighting Games
 is usually fierce that it has to do with a large number of people descending on some bullies while they laugh maniacally.

After the attack, you (the players) are meant to engage in a one-on-one standing mode just like the cowboy “first Gun” showoff, just to see who the actual drunk fu master really is. So much for a wasted title! Like we stated earlier, drunken fu is a multiplayer drunken wrestler game that requires up to 8 players from nearby location as well as online. It also has up to 8 unique levels in the 8 levels in a multiple separate game style (mode).

Drunken Wrestlers Drunk Fu Wasted Master Unblocked Game

It also has customized Goon-like cloths and other features to give the players an opportunity to experiment on their choice of their avatar. In the game, players are meant to kick some ass in each level in other to prove they deserve the title of a wasted master. When you knock off your enemies using the numerous techniques including a hand – to- hand combat weapons made available in the cache a reward is given afterwards.

Drunken Fighting Game - Drunken Wrestlers Adventure 

The game cannot be all that interesting without enjoying an assorted alcohol inspired bars located all over the world as well as players will have to cease the opportunity to customize Drunken Fighter character to show an impressing tactics. Though since the release of the game there has been rumors from around the company that drunken fu wasted masters 2 as well as drunken fu wasted masters unblocked (as in the drunken fu unblocked 76) will be round the corner, but there has not been an official confirmation on that. Below is the Drunken -Fu: wasted Masters trailer. You can as well download this video from our video gallary section.

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