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Tales of Illyria Fallen Knight apk free offer on android ends returns to original sells: a brief review.

             The Tales of Illyria:Fallen Knight has returned to its original selling  price, though with a slight modification. Mobile game lovers now have more reason to join the noble Lord Elric who has mobilized some few warrior soldiers to help him start a crusade that will exonerate him of his bad reputation. The game went free on android on the 17th of September but ever since after then it has been returned to its normal price tag of $0.97 (350 Naira). The method of battle formation is unlike the usual RPG battle formation, it involves casting spell on the enemy until he lays dead. In other RPG game it is called “Turn Base” battle system. Aside its original release in 2013, the tales of illyria fallen knight apk 6.14  version has been downloaded over 10,000 times since the release of its updated version which was released in 2016. Though there has been some glamour from fans to integrate the game into a console version, but nothing has been said about it so far. As it stands now, only the mobile gaming world has the liberty to enjoy the politic going on in mystical world of Illyia.

tales of illyria fallen knight walkthrough.

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Lord Elric is a noble king who was framed and accused of murdering his family in a mythical world Illyria. To finish off the entire lineage of lord Elric, the actual murders sent assassins on lord Elric himself, at each turn there are always an assassin waiting to execute the direct order. So, to be on the safe side, lord Elric must have to gather his army too which comprises of his allies, anti-heroes (more like machineries), and hired warriors as well.

Game mechanics

Tales of Illyria:Fallen Knight image

This mixed hybrid RPG game allows players to choose their adventure in the game because every player has different reaction when he or she runs out of supplies and also when it has to feed the hungry troll. Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight being the first episode in the series automatically becomes a new story that started with a trailer, ’cos all the Tales of Illyia gameplay is a standalone RPG episode.

Tales of Illyia’s game features

Here are some exceptional features that made the game a interesting hobby to indulge:

1. Has 75 original music compositions inscribed in it.

2. Have varieties of war equipments, spells and lots and lots monsters as well as some interesting fighting styles.

3. The game has 42 villages and 6 carefully designed villages crated to make the adventure worth awhile.

4. It has a tactical real-time, turn based (or AI controlled) interface.

5. Players are never getting bored with the game’s unique appearances (encounters).

6. Players now have the ability to share a single graphics between all episodes.

7. 10 more new spells and attacks have been added to make the fighting synchronize better.

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