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Video Game Industry and Mental Health: The Untold Truth

     It is funny how what we call deceit can transform our psychological being into what we never thought we will achieve, yet we neglect this; at worse criticize this incredible piece of human invention. The Nigerian video game industry size has over the years proven its stability by maintaining its position as Africa's #1 followed by South Africa, little wonder top console companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft has permanently fixed an eye in the Nigerian video game industry trends. According to video game industry report 2017 by Newszoo report , the Nigerian video game industry size stands at over $18 million annually and guess who's cashing out all that money? those foreign console companies! These monies fly away in our very own eyes while we still jostle for irrelevant bachelor's degree we end up not using.

Video Game Culture In Nigeria

Video game culture in Nigeria has taken rather a declining step, (though the reason might quite be obvious) but the inclusion of the fact that it has a negative impact on the young ones especially in their academic performance remains rather ridiculous. 

A bad egg will always give a rotten York, as to say that a messed-up education system; hijacked by greed and murdered by the greatest of them all; corruption, will always produce a confused, curious and pathetic outcome (no offence). 

                       Video Game Industry and mental health

In the early 90s when the likes of Nintendo (super Mario and Contral) thrilled our fancy to the early 1999 when Sega kept us glued to our keypads with Mortal Kombat and International Super Star Soccer (Helak!), until the early 2000 when we were greeted with family comm (can still remember the jingles), Game Boy and Miniclip (online gameplay) followed later before we were then engulfed by the fascinating 3D effect of playstation (PS) and Xbox not up still this day when it seemed like they never existed (just vanished). I prefer calling it “good old game days”. 

Video Gaming Industry Careers

In countries like Japan, US, China, Canada and India the video Games culture is so savvy that it has metamorphosed in a multi-billion dollar industry, creating employment opportunities and producing tech (Game- tech) icons like:

· Jonathan Rogaes - Path of Exile. 

· Masaya Matsuura - Vib- Ribbon 

· David Jonas - Grand theft 

· Hironobu Sakaguchi - Finial Fantasy 

· Michael Morhaime - World of Warcraft 

· Satoshi Tajiri - Pokemon 

· John Carmack - Quake and Doom- The Sims 

· Hideo Kojima (konami)- Metal Gear 

· Sid Meier - civilization and pirate

According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) the body responsible in monitoring, rating and ranking game consoles: U.S. consumer spending on video games and gaming hardware rose slightly last year, to create a $30.4 billion video game market value, according to sales research outfit NPD and the Entertainment Software Association.
From the health angle, according to a psychological research, playing video games boosts the brain function and more studies are showing that video games are good for memory. A study from the University of California-Irvine found that the hippocampus, the region associated with complex learning and memory, was altered by playing 3-D games. The memory improvement was fairly substantial, as high as 12% in some individuals. Though it’s not quite clear how or why these games are helping memory, this fact has paved a new way for treating treating people suffering from memory and cognition issues.

Economic wise, it is still one of the best employer of labor judging from those countries that has developed their video gaming industry into a sector. Some of these countries include but not limited to China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, United Kingdom and the United State. An evidence of a solidify video gaming industry can be seen through their esports competitions which the least of these countries can give out as much as $301,000 to winners, the biggest being $3 million. Though video game competitions in Nigeria is barely heard of, but never the less they still in existence. 

Video Games and Mental Health

Video games can really help you sharpen your decision-making skills. Though many games are rife with morals, which is the more reason you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision that will impact your in-game experience. Others, like action games (like Temple Run and Zombie Road Kill) require you to think critically on a very high level. Even a first-person shooter requires a good deal of critical thinking and strategy, rather than just “aim and shoot.” The skills we curiously apply in playing games can actually blend in well into the real world as well, various studies has confirmed this finding. So why struggle on a mathematical problem when you can still have fun and learn as well.

All over the world, the biggest cash flow are still those things we tag deception because of our hypocrisy and myopic consciousness. Imagine if Mark Zukaburge had a Nigerian parent whom he told he is designing a platform were people can meet and interact? (@Seun. How use your experience?). 

What makes us can never destroy us neither can it make us struggle, rather it compels us to achieve in style. As far as 21st century is concern, video games and mental health should remain the core factor in human psychological, sociological, economical transformation, especially to the young ones. To achieve this feet, video games should be regulated, as in movies; PG 13, pg 16 E.t.c. As for the expensive nature of video games in mostly third world countries like Nigeria, this can still change as what you don’t seek can’t stir; we all deserve to reap the video games benefits. As for an average parent, please let child’s brain grow in style. Just Game it up!!

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