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10 Reasons Why Video Games Are Good For Your Brain.

         Video games have been there for quite a long time and people across all age groups have enjoyed it thoroughly as the years progressed. Many have debated that videogames are very harmful to individuals and could cause issues pertaining to health. But there are certain advantages which have proven the fact that video games are actually beneficial. Certain facts state that video games are good for your health but that remains a fact yet to be seen. We would be discussing some points as to how video games affect your brain below:

how video games affect your brain

10 Ways Video Games Are Good for You

  • Problem solving skills: Are video games bad for your brain? it’s a question which can be put to rest by this advantageous factor. Specific games include stages that involve increased brain activity kicking up your problem solving abilities. This is also termed as training your brain. 
  • Analytical Thinking: Arcade based games, puzzle games, etc. also increases your analytical thinking abilities. Without going through the rules of the game, are you able to put your mind and think beyond the box as to how you can cross this level, which helps you in improving your cognitive skills. 
  • Decision making skills: A research carried out by the University of Rochester has determined that video games are much essential to train soldiers and surgeons, thus making them aware about the real life scenarios. This improves the decision making abilities making it an essential option to consider, which answers the question, are video games good for you or not. 
  • Moving quickly and Accurately: Taking spot on decisions in tough scenarios is difficult sometimes, therefore action games indulge you in moving yourselves quickly and accurately during tough spots. It trains your brain to make formulate quick theories and move into your target. 
  • Anticipation skills: Getting to know your opponent’s moves before he makes it is a mark of superior gaming prowess. This increases your anticipation abilities to its peak. You might not be able to figure it out first, but once you get a hold of it, you seldom miss the obvious traps and anticipate the best possible moves. 
  • Testing your Theorist: There are some scenarios in strategy based games that you are unable to find your way into the target‘s location. What is the best possible thing that comes into your mind? The answer is obvious, you test out every possible scenario there is and then hit the one which will take you to your goal.
  • Inductive Reasoning: This is perhaps the biggest advantage that gaming has to offer. Inductive reasoning is an ability to figure out multiple scenarios and then clubbing them to find the larger conclusion. Gaming plots are never based on insignificant scenarios; it always leads you towards a larger target. This ability is important in real life scenarios as well. 
  •  Increased ability to learn: Gaming can increase your ability to learn and grasp new things which were otherwise alien to you. 
  • Improves hand eye co-ordination: Gaming improves your hand eye co-ordination at its optimum levels. Surgeons go through simulation based scenarios which is again a video games based format to increase your cognitive skills. 
  • Decrease Depression: Gaming can help decrease depression levels at surprisingly lower levels. Specific games like SPARX have been proven to decrease stress levels owing to its interactive game play.


In as much as video games can be such a wonderful remedy to some psychological problem, the need to curtail the number of time spent on this machines matters alot 'cos when it becomes excessive, it turns out to become an video game addiction ; more reason to watch the number of time you spend on video games.


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