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Check Out the Few Things you need to know about the new Marenian Tavern.

          Now for mobile lovers you must like this I assure you! This is the latest mobile relies so far by Kemco Developers. The game is all about a boy who was possessed by the God of poverty, who was supposedly the brother to Patty who was the major character. Petty family after a while was inflicted with the spirit of poverty, a condition that made them run into huge debts which was as a result of insistent borrowing. And this marked the beginning of patty’s struggle; a struggle to pay the debt the family has run into. Kemco never cease to impress it's player in terms of some interesting games with an exciting storylines.

image of Marenian Tavern

So with this she comes up with an idea to start tavern somewhere Marenia, a small village mostly occupied by farmer and blacksmiths. Will Patty succeed in paying off this debt? It’s up to help Petty redeem the family image as well as financial status.

Game Play

You are meant to run the imaginary Tavern the way you deem fit, gather as much as possible and cook new dishes, you also get rewarded when you consume as much food as you can. To also get a bonus point, players are meant to train their characters and conquered new dungeons then move further to get new ingredients through other means like fishing, farming e.t.c. This is the right moment to prove your entrepreneurial (and of course eating abilities).

Game mechanics

  • Maranian Tavern RPG contains 100 bonus jewels and can be played without the need for an in-game payment transaction. 
  • It comes in two languages, English and Japanese. 
  • The purchase price differs according to countries and regions. 
  • It contains Apache license, version 2.0 as well as MIT liecence. 
image of Marenian Tavern #BulevurGames

Name – Marenian Tavern Story (RPG)
Deverloper – Kemco 
Deverloper’s email –
Latest updated version – 1.1.1. (Aug 29, 2018).
Website –

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