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Which Mobile Game Is Mostly Played In The World?

        Before we answer this question, we would need to know what is mobile games all about. Basically, mobile games are the graphically designed games that can be played on a mobile. Mobile games are becoming popular these days because not only they are either free or cheap, but also you would not need an addition console in order to play them. You can also play the games from anytime and anywhere. And by playing multi-party games, you find a way and time to bond with your friends and family. This is one of the best things about games.
Most Popular Mobile Game of All Time

The Most Popular Mobile Games of All Time

Different people have a different opinion on this. In recent times, the popularity of many games has increased so much that it is very hard to decide which are the best and mobile games. However, in this article, we will talk about that game which became famous in the mobile gaming world in no time and earned the attraction of many people through its unique and never before heard gaming pattern. This game is counted among the best mobile games, which is, Pokemon Go. I am sure at some point or the other, if not played, you have heard about these top mobile game which include Pokemon Go, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans etc. The reason for choosing Pokemon Go will be discussed in this article, but before that let us try to know what this game is all about.

About The Mobile Game

Pokemon Go is one of the most famous mobile games android mobiles have ever witnessed. The game was developed and published by Niantic which released on 6th July. Being among the most popular mobile games in the globe, this is a journey that would switch you between virtual and real world. You would be able to hunt down the Pokemon at different places in the real world. You need to keep an eye on the game and see where a pokemon is available and then you would need to hunt it down immediately or else you would lose the chance. This game gives you an opportunity to explore the real world in search of pokemon, you get more points as you hunt down more powerful, legendary and rare pokemon.

Why The Game Is So Popular?

Pokemon Go undoubtedly is counted as the best android game of all time. We have tried to list down some reasons that might have contributed to the popularity of this game.

  • The Pokemon brand itself very huge. We do remember seeing Pokemon cartoons when we were young and to be honest, we loved them. The people who like the cartoon feel for the game instantly.
  • This game was unique in the sense that unlike others, it mixed the virtual pokemon to be present in the real world which increased the excitement .
  • And finally the simple rules and easy to play feature of the game attracted more players towards it.
Like they say, the best is yet to come. But as it is Pokemon (aka pocket monsters) remains the most played mobile game of all time having an overall estimated worth of $15 Billion since its introduction. The most interesting part of the game remains the Game mechanics that has the propensity to influence the players which made it penetrate and dominated the  video game industry for years.

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