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What Are The Top 10 Mobile Games? The Fourth One has been There for a Long Time.

      Today, Mobile Gaming has proven itself to be one of the most popular industries of all time: not to mention one of the most productive. With the advent of the Smartphone, gaming has been revolutionized, and one must know the best mobile games android.

Thus, for the benefit and pleasure of the reader, we have compiled a list of the best free mobile games and classic games that have been released for Android so far:

  • PUBG Mobile - PUBG stands above them all as the absolute king of all. Featuring indomitable gameplay with guns galore and stunning loot boxes, this game is the best of them all. 
  • Minecraft - This building sim has remained on rating charts since its very release. One can try to survive as long as they can in the Survival mode (with monsters chasing them!), or build the next Roman Colosseum in Creative Mode: This game is one of the best games for android
  • Alto’s Odyssey - Set in a remote winter wasteland, this game is about a man who will ski over anything, from hot air balloons to the very tops of pyramids! While Odyssey follows Adventure’s minimalist graphics, this one has vistas that will blow your mind. 
  • Pokemon GO - Pokemon GO twists the plot as one has to actually get out of the house to find these pokemon: scattered at random locations, one has to use their phone to ‘find’ them and ‘capture’ them. This has topped charts as it has led to a new era of physical-world related games. This is one of the top phone games!
  • This War of Mine - This title is a heart-wrenching one. One has to lead a group of survivors in a war-torn city and make hard decisions that will rip apart one’s heart: one has to kill off useless members, and decide who gets food. 
  •  King’s Bounty: Legends - Part of the long-running series, Legends only improves on the gameplay as it features awesome graphics and improved graphics! With the classic troops, one can also find totally new troops to recruit and locations to fight in! 
  • Hearthstone - The original trading-card game, this title by Blizzard has long been a favorite of gamers. Featuring rare and exotic creatures along with awesome gameplay, one will definitely want to play the game that spawned a genre! 
  • South Park: Phone Destroyer - The infamous cartoon series has made its way to Smartphone gaming, as Phone Destroyer features their usual antics that could make the most depressed break out in laughter! A refreshing mix of silly antics with serious storylines.
  • Jetpack Joyride - An arcade game that one can lose hours in, this refreshingly strays from the usual arcade formulas, as each and every upgrade and change not only changes appearance, but functions too! Featuring more than 20 Jetpacks, this game is one of the best casual games for android!
  • Evoland 2 - This is part of the unique Evoland Series, famous for just how different it is. This game features a lot of genres, from top-down, to trading cards along with RPG elements! The storylines are awesome, as they keep up the usual Evoland standards.

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