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Which Mobile Game Is Most Popular In The World?

          The revolution of smartphones has changed the old scene of cell phones for a more vivid and full of interactive experiences.

While the cell phones used to look like bricks, nowadays they have more similarity with tiles: small sheets with a combination of glass, metal, plastic and other materials.

And just as the way cell phones have changed, their uses have also evolved. Since 2008, with the birth of app stores, users adapted to the idea that their phone could now do much more than calls.

Video games are not exclusive to consoles and that is why you can enjoy on our phones or tablets. The amount of titles on mobiles is immense, overwhelming.

It is clear that in the device premium quantity to quality; however, there are a large number of best mobile games with which to enjoy hours and hours of fun.

For some years, video games are no longer exclusive to consoles. Now we can enjoy good and funny titles on our mobiles platforms and other devices.

Many ports console themselves and others have been born directly for our phones or tablets, but what is not missing is the great variety of genres.

Action Games

one of the action games

If you are looking for the most popular mobile games which is probably the most played game in the world, judging from the number of action games that is being downloaded.

This MMO allows you to play exciting battles with tanks. The title has more than 60 armed vehicles and the frenetic dynamic PvP mode with immediate reappearance so that we never stop playing.

Some multiplayer games in real time star the characters. These are the most downloaded games those have more revenue in both Android and iOS.

The objective, according to the creators themselves, is to destroy the enemy towers to win trophies. Similar in features to such games are some most played mobile games with multiplayer strategy games whose objective is the conquest of a kingdom.

Puzzle Games

picture of Puzzle Games. Most played game

In these turn-based strategy most popular mobile games of all time you control your units through missions and meanwhile you will not stop listening to the orders a mad general.

You must solve the missions with the cards and your troop until destroying the base of the enemy. The degree of difficulty against the machine is quite adjusted.

You can also play against your friends in multiplayer mode .There are many riddles sometimes they are small logic games and sometimes you have to demonstrate your skills.

But the best thing about these most downloaded mobile games of all time is the graphics.

The designers have created such games from a papier-mâché and other materials that have been digitized with cameras. The Bokeh effects in the background are impressive.

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