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Will Mobile Games be Better? Xiaomi Improves The Games In MIUI 9 With Game Speed Booster

     If you are tired of the mobile gaming that go out each week and go out of style, this will be good news. The Android application store, Play Store, has traditional games such as Pac-Man, Tetris and Final Fantasy available.

They are not emulators; they are the official games that the company has uploaded to your store. Some have been pre-mastered and expanded for mobile versions and have new scenarios, characters, features and modalities that improve the user experience.

MIUI 9 Android application Picture

MIUI 9, the latest version of the Android modification made by Xiaomi, has an interesting novelty: Game Speed Booster. A mode that allows games to work better by dedicating more resources.

MIUI 9 already improved the performance of the phone in general, but this mode of “high performance " is dedicated especially to video games.

The way Game Speed Booster improves the performance of upcoming mobile games is to allocate all possible resources to them.

In addition to clearing the cache, it restricts applications from being able to be updated in the background. It also gives priority to the game in the connection, and can even prevent the user from changing the wireless network while they play.

As seen on foneArena, all this works, games with this mode are more fluid; works better compared to others. Of course, they emphasize that the phone heats up more than usual too.

And we imagine that it will also lead to a greater consumption of the battery, having the processor demanding more from the whole. In addition, this mode not only improves performance.

Like other manufacturers, the MIUI game mode allows you to maintain the brightness of the screen at a certain level, turn off the navigation buttons, answer calls with your hands, and activate the Do-Not-Disturb mode . We can configure it to do what we want when we play.

How To Increase Game Speed In MIUI 9

Below, you can learn How to increase Game Speed in MIUI 9:

1. Go to the security application of MIUI.

2. You should be looking for the “Gaming Speed Boost" section, right in the middle.

3. A screen will appear showing you the advantages of the section.

4. Slide to the right and press Start.

5. A new icon will be placed on the desktop, blue with a command.

It is worthy of note to add that you can automatically activate these games every time you play. If not, one can as well activate it manually each time they want to play.

We can also use this application to customize what we want the mode to do. We just have to select the settings column, right next to the games column.

The future of android gaming is growing by the day, so you must endeavor to get updated about its latest technology.

At the moment, this is only found in the global beta of MIUI 9 , but it is expected to reach the whole world over the coming weeks. 

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