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Asphalt Nitro all cars unlocked: Asphalt Nitro apk Review

Who else has played Asphalt Nitro? Yes! …That’s same mobile game released in January 2018 just before the latest Asphalt 9. I don’t know about you but Asphalt franchise has been the best car racing mobile game ever produced by Gameloft. It takes you racing from round the world; Brazil to Norway and Singapore giving each player an opportunity to race through various driving tracks both degraded rough terrines, the snowy slippery track as well as the well tarred race track that makes you have that feel of professional F1 racer.
Mini cooper one of asphalt nitro all cars

Asphalt Nitro gives some interesting car avatars; it gets to a point where you become a traffic police giving a hot chase to a suspected bandit, and at some point they may start shooting at you. That’s the appropriate time to counter the attack by activating your EM device when you drive close to a distance. The EM device looks more like an electric lighting (more like a thunder storm) when activated.
Asphalt nitro elimination section in pics

The “Fast and Furious” kinda hash spin noise of the brakes while racing gives the player a wow experience especially those that doesn’t like using sounds while playing, trust me this is super cool! Coupled with the 5 secs slow motion replay that always plays out when a “wrack” occurs; makes it look like a real movie scene. Players are given the privilege to control luxury cars but that only happens when you most have acquired a reasonable credit to make the purchase. Players can as well purchase some of this high-speed luxurious car using their credit cards (real money) or game credit, as in those that cannot wait till they accumulate the required credit reward; prices differ according to the range: for example the Chevrolet Camaro GS goes for either $0.483 or 170A (Alpha) point which can as well be purchased. Other Asphalt nitro car list include:
· Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione – 60,000 crdit (C) – 60,000.

· Nissan GT-R (R35) – 155,000 (c).

· Cadilac GS-V Campe Race Car – $0.4 or 00999 credits (c).

· Ford Shelby GT500 – $0.28 or 660Alfa (A).

· Lambogini Sesto Elemento – 86,000 credits (c).

· Pagani zonda R – $0.28 or 275000 credits (c).

· Ferrari FXX Eolutione - $0.28 or 1200 Alfa (A).

· Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse – 235,000 credit (c).

· Koenisegg one:1 – $0.28 or 650,000 credit (c).

Asphalt Racing all cars.

In as much as most of the cars in the game are expensive (but very affordable) there are still chances of getting a 15% off on most of the super racing cars. But then players most still have to consider few things before they make their purchase for example, you must look out for Nitro strength, the Acceleration as well as the speed because it differs as the cars differ. Some of these cars with a 15% off includes:

· Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA.

· Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione

· Cadilac CTS-V Coupe Race Car.

· Nissan GT-R (R35)

· Ferrari 458 Italia

· Lambogini Sesto Elemento

· Ferrari Laferrari

· Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitese and …

· Koenigsegg One:1.

Each car setting has provision to be repainted with white, yellow, red, blue and black. Though the colors differ according to the car type, but as for cars like the Chevrolet Camaro GS, it has only one color; blue.

Asphalt Nitro apk Game mechanics

The game is designed to be a single player game as well as multiplayer online that gives every player an opportunity to connect with other players round the world. The segment of the game which has different stages with super cool racing interface and allows the player to go through Iceland, Singapore, China, and Brazil racing tracks. From the snow ridden roads of Singapore which has this top-leveled slop that enable racers to have their flying moment on air before it finally hits the ground to pipe tunnel that serves as a shortcut. Some of other interesting stages include:

· The classics – where you will race with either top racers for a credit reward. Make sure you come out first position.

· Elimination – This state where the last racer is automatically eliminated with your car crashing immediately the time is up. So whatever you do try be one step ahead.

· Versus – this works mostly in challenge situation, the player is expected to race with just one racer up to the finish line.

As per the “control setting”, players are meant to select the “control” icon anytime to change the control scheme which includes: the Auto-acceleration that requires players to tilt to steer on. Others include:

· The Auto-acceleration – this enables the player “tilt to steer”. As in move the phone around to make a drift.

· On-screen-control – it enable players to control their cars using a steering that comes on the screen.

· Tilt and Icons – it includes steering the phone to direct the cars than to accelerate manually.

· Tap and steer – this involves auto-acceleration where player will have to tap on the screen in order to direct their cars.

Also players can as well adjust their starring sensitivity to fit their control taste. Other setting controls include “the language setting” where users choose their preferred language according to their country’s flag. Countries included are – USA, Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Turkey, Korea…etc.

Other control “control settings “include:

· Connect – it gives you the leverage to connect with other players anywhere in the world.

· Notification – it notifies you on any changes regarding the game-play. Maybe a new top-racer somewhere around that just emerged.

· Sound and Display - allows you adjust the volume, sound of the engine, music as well as the sound unit. Other setting s under those includes immersive, action, and fixed.

Features included in the Asphalt Nitro to make it stand out are just too massive. May be next week we are going to continue with other features of the game with special concentration on asphalt nitro free credits and how to earn as many as possible, but this time with video illustrations. Till then, keep being the gamer!

Download Asphalt nitro here 

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