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A visit to Orlando, the Home to the World’s Largest Population of Gamers

              The United State has the highest number of gamers in the world followed by China, little wonder 90% of video game console companies has the United State as their best market and will do everything possible to dominate it. We at BulevurGames can imagine the disparity, considering the fact that you are dealing in a market that is worth over $100 billion. The United State as of 2017 has a fare share of over $25 billion market share, and has not less than 10% of the world’s gaming population that tag themselves “Real Gamers”.

Other evidence that made the US the hub for gamer can be related to the number of e-sports tournaments hosted in the country on an annual basis. Lately, growing adults are beginning to take e-sports as a profession, and as it stands, the US State Department has started issuing visas to professional gamers as well.

Orlando gamer court pics

So the question now is what made Orlando a significant location for gamers round the world? Well, a Wallet Hub analysis Jill Gonzalez on a visit to the city confirmed that an average “Orlando Gamer” shows up in the middle of the night to check on the latest game release. This not really a surprise considering the percentage of smartphone users who are mostly adults, as well as the number of e-sports tournaments going on in the city.

To congregate this, the last Overwatch grand finale had the organizer sell out 20,000 tickets for the event. And as it is, Full Sail University is building its $6 million 11,200 square foot e-sports arena nicknamed “The Fortress” and when completed can contain 500 spectators and will be the largest college e-sports centre in the city.

We think the low cost internet facility in the city contributes to the increasing number of enthusiastic gamers, and as we know the gaming world is going PUBG. It is therefore no surprise the city has over 14 different annual event on video games Sci-fi, comic book, e.t.c; e-sports alone has 17 tournaments in one season including 8 video game programs meant mostly for colleges students.

Other Significant features of the City

Traveling to the States through Travelstart Nigeria was alot easier 'cos we didn't have to go through the stress of getting all the travel documents and all. So coming out from Orlando Airport, the nickname “The city Beautiful” instantly comes to play, by merely viewing the fountain at Lake Eola which also plays host to the city Park. Looking at the city for what it truly is you come to understand why it is attributed to anything video game; everything about Orlando city have direct or indirect connection to either comic, sci-fi, or animation. All this activities had the city been visited by over 72 million visitors annually and have also been named the Theme Park Capital of the world”. Orlando Florida is home to Walt Disney world and universal Studios. Others include Steamroller Studios, ROLE Games LLC, Iron Galaxy, Hudson’s Video Games, GameStop, RU Game, Keywords Studios, Electronic Art (EA), Cgi Technologies, and many more.

Due to the increasing video game life in the city, there has also been a tantamount increase of video game therapist due to the increasing video game addiction cases. But on the flip side there has also been a lot of video game job openings, the most common being Beta Testers. Lastly, video game life in Orlando is not going down any soon, as more and more investments are coming in everyday.

According to Venture Beats, 6 out of 10 Americans are considered True Gamers and 65% of US gaming population comes from Florida (Orlando). With this, it’s just a matter of time before the city houses the world’s video game market. So when next you are travelling to Orlando, don’t get freaked out when 6 out of 10 passengers you see in the bus are playing one console or the other.

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