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Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit - Video Game: All you need to know

         You must have come across this persuasivestatement “Need for speed”? Well, this may not be the case because it is peculiar with the Asphalt (Nitro) franchise. Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit is a single-player/multiplayer mode racing game which was first released on March 25, 1998, on the PlayStation platform. It made its way to Microsoft Windows platform by October 1998 and ever since then it has spread it’s comparability to every emerging OS.

Need for speed III: hot pursuit speed car

This third installment on the Need for Speed series was designed in such a way that players will be given a hot pursuit by a police speed car. This game has received quite a positive response from Nigeria and Africa, recording thousands of downloads on the Android mobile platforms. The gameplay is designed in such a way that players are taken to different locations within the North American territory. Also, the interesting part of the game has to do with the different climate for a different location. The exotic cars coupled with the improved AI police cars which have tremendously improved compared to its competitors; one of them being diverging different tactics to stop both the opponent and the player.

The game’s wide acceptance led to the development of its squeal, “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 ” which was released in 2002.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit III Game Mechanics

The game unlike many of its kind has quite a complex origin, there are many professionals involved in the development of the Need for Speed franchise; even the original developers EA had another section of their company develop the other version of the game. The PlayStation version of the game, the EA Canada developed the PlayStation while EA Seattle was responsible for the PC version of the game while the official publishers remain Electronic Art (EA). There are some freelance professionals like Hanno Lemke – producer, Brad Good and David Lucas who are both responsible for programming the PS 1 version of the game, while Sam Deasy is the official programmer of the PC version. Other key players in the development of the game include:


Scott Jackson (PS1)

Peter King (PS1)

Stefan Sehwaite (PC)

Steve. M. Suhy (PC)


Tony Whitney


Rom Di Prisco

Saki Kaskas

Matt Ragan

Alistair Hirst

Crispin Hands

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit Gameplay

Unlike the usual standard racing game, we all know the game for, “Hot Pursuit” was integrated with a “police pursuit section is actually the main feature of franchise. This section is actually the main feature of the game, thereby making it two gameplays in one game section; the normal racing part and the police pursuit. In the PC version of those racing cars, they use in the normal car racing section. After choosing your preferred car you are meant to pursue other 6 racing cars before any of them completes their race.

The standard Tournament mode is made up of 8 different opponents segments in a four-lap racing tournament which the racing track are meant to be randomly selected by the player. There are two modes introduced in this game, the two-player split-screen mode, and the knockout more. The 2-player split more is designed to allow racers to play using the same computer, while the Knockout mode is made up of seven races meant to be played by eight racers on a track randomly chosen. Also in the knock-out model, conditions like difficulty. Weather, e. t. c is chosen by the player before starting the race proper.

The racing tracks vary with the settings, ranging from wide desert Canyons, countryside villages, and snow-capped mountain ranges. The game graphics also very much impressed with up to 864 pixels, and a 16-bit in-game resolution, car chrome effect, widescreen section support, and slider settings for spotting incoming cars from slide settings for spotting incoming cars from afar. On the other hand, gear ratio, engine turning, back or fort brake balance, and soft, stiff suspension, low or high aerodynamics, and rain or racing tires are carefully customized from the car handling section.

There are actually more to the Need for Speed as it has a rather complex feature but and has over the years have had over 70 million downloads and over 4 million reviews.

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