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Mobile Games: Best Nigerian Games to Play Before the year Ends

As the Nigerian mobile game industry continues to make wave in the mobile game market since it started experiencing a boost since 2016, though it was estimated at $91 million in 2014 and project (according to PWC report) to reach an estimated $177 million this year (2019) with casual games contributing only 8.4% of the total video game revenue in the country. Well, this did not come as a surprise as the country’s mobile phone market has contributed largely to this growth. In this article, we are going to list some interesting mobile video games that are designed with 100% local content and still doing well in the market to date.

The best Nigerian Games of 2019

1. Sambisa Assault

photo of Nigerian Games, Sambisa Assault

This was designed using the current terrorist insurgency in the northern part of Nigeria as a catalyst since you cannot be able to fight terrorists physically Sambisa Assault gives you are an opportunity to do so using your mobile phone. In this game, you are expected to follow your military colleagues into the mysterious Sambisa forest located in the northern part of Nigeria and serves as a stronghold for the braided Boko Haram terrorist group ravaging that part of the country. The game was designed by ChopUp® and can also be downloaded from their platform. Download Here.

2. Street Tinz
Photo of Nigerian Gamers game - street Tinz
Photo Source: Techcabal

This game was developed by Co-Creation Hub® and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This is one of those Nigerian games with “street credibility”. In this game, you are expected to start a small scale business with N50,000 capital. The aim of this game is to build the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigeria gamers. With this start-up capital, you are expected to make some profits out of it by making some really smart business decisions that will eventually turn into profit. This is rather tricky, it lures you to some pitfalls by presenting you with some enticing but dangerous business opportunities of which if you fall for it, it is game over for you.

3. Mind Dead

Photo source: YouTube

This is a 3D Zombie game which was designed using the Lagos settings, the story in this game has to do an outbreak of some virus somewhere in Bayelsa, an oil-producing state located in the south southern part of Nigeria. Amid the outbreak, the gamer is meant to survive the virus using some surviving skills and weapons too to make it out of the region. The game is produced by GbrosSoft® and can be downloaded on both Android, Windows, and Apple phones. There are also iPad and PC versions.

4. Oga at the Top

Photo source:

This is a popular Nigerian phrase that was made popular by the former NSCDC officer on one of his interviews with Channels TV ®. In the gameplay, players are meant to earn points from letters like N, S, C, D, C by controlling the characters while avoiding getting hit by a domain, .gov, e.t.c. Download here.

5. Orisha Play

This is another addictive mobile console games you must try out before the year ends. This is designed by the most popular Lagos based game studio – Gamesole®. The gameplay is designed with different levels and represented with clear graphics. Download Here.

Finally, readers should note that the above-listed games are not the only top performing Nigerian games, but they are likely ones recorded from our recent review. As the population of Nigerian gamers increases by the day, it is no news that it will sure be a good day for  Nigerian video game companies , but we should endeavor to play our own part as sole consumers by patronizing their works which have gained prominence outside the shores of the country.

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