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Top 5 Twitch Streamers: Who are the top 5 Twitch streamers of 2019

   First I have to wish all us a happy new year and will officially say welcome to the year 2020 from all of us here at BulevurGames®.

Before engaging in any other article topic, it will be reasonable to first analyze the Top 5 Twitch Streamers of 2019 and their channels as per the hours watched. This list comes with a missed feeling, as some of the channels listed were just making it to the list for the first time while the others are a regular channels.

Hence, we are not surprised to see them make the list of the top 10 channels below they are listed thus:


1. Riot Games Inc

Riot Games is an American based video game publisher, esports tournament organizers, and video game developers.

Based in West Los Angeles, California, the company cubed in so many fans who have spent approximately 122 million hours steaming their favorite top products like league of legends, league of legends: Wild Rift, league of Runeterra, and Mechs vs Minions.

The gross streaming figure is coming as against 102 million hours recorded in 2018 by the esports observer.

Major viewership was recorded on the league of legends esports coverage most especially the League of Championship Series (LCS) and League of European Championship (LEC). 

2. OverwatchLeague

This is a twitch platform responsible for organizing professional esports leagues for Overwatch video game fans.

Though the company follows the traditional Northern American Sporting League through the usage of a set of permanent teams originally backed by different owners.

The channel made the second position with 89.38 in hours spent by Overwatch viewers. The amount of time spent on the channel is not in any way slowing down 3 days into the new-year-old the channel has already had 18,929 on the average.

3. Tfue

This is the first individual twitch channel to make the list. It is owned by Turner Ellis Tenney who has Tfue as his online ID, he is an American YouTuber, a Twitch streamer, and a professional gamer who has dedicated his time and effort to building a twitch channel that has ended up attracting 88.05 million hours of viewership from streamers .

Turner so far garnered over 11.4 million YouTube subscribers and a stunning 1.1 billion views. On twitch, he has earned major games like Fortnite Battle Royale, H1Z1, e.t.c since 2014. 


This is the official twitch channel of ESL, a channel created to promote the counter-Strick: Global Offensive (CS:GO) esports league. It was created to target mostly 4 regions: America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

At the end of 2019, the channel records a total of 64.90 million hours of viewership on the Twitch channel and of 2020. Let’s see how it goes. 

5. Summit1g

This is another top-performing Twitch channel owned by an individual that made it on top of the list. It is owned by Jaryd Lazar, an American born April 23, 1987, Jaryd was also a retired CS:GO who was once part of the Team Mythic and A51.

As of January 2018, Summit1G was said to have recorded over 19,500 followers, and over 4 million twitch views.

Though African twitch streamers didn't make it on the list, we are still optimistic that in years to come Nigerians and South Africans will definitely make it.

This is so because judging from the way and direction the country’s gaming industry revenue is going, it is very possible  Who are hopeful looking at names like GeeMax, Malachaai, and Pacman 10154.

But unfortunately, no Nigerian streamer is known to be named the next rated top twitch streamer but with the current efforts being made by Esports Nigeria the hope of raising a top Twitch streamer looks achievable.

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