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Top 5 Popular Video Game Characters in Nigeria

     Nigerians have come to love some video game characters more than most actors and actresses, this is as a result of the gradual interest in video game industry trends; thanks to some stakeholders who have done (and still doing) their best to see that the Nigerian video game industry today is on the spotlight.

So, these famous Nigerian characters cut across Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch games. Below, we have made a comprehensive list of those popular video game characters amongst Nigerians.

Popular Video Game Characters in Nigeria

1. Mario

Super Mario image
Super Mario image. Source: GettyImages 

The Mario character is gotten from the Super Mario franchise which has swept the country’s video game fans for decades. Mario comes as the protagonist in Super Mario and has the characteristics of a 40-year-old white male dressed in a steel company worker attire. Though today, we see the same character assume other characters like a sportsman and royalty. Again, from the look of things, there might be other characteristics attributed to it in the future.

2. Sonic

Photo of Super sonic character

It played the protagonist in the Super Sonic franchise. Just like Super Mario Run, Super Sonic was very popular among Nigerians and trended between 1999 and 2006. Dressed in a blue tight-fitted outfit with his all-grown hair shifted aback as a result of constant supersonic speed, in most game consoles, he wears a “Legend of Zoro” kind of mask and the outfit can assume different colors like green, blue, and red. The Super Sonic character can be found in Nintendo, Xbox, and Sega video game consoles.

3. Scorpion

Scorpion Mortal Kombat video game

If you are familiar with Mortal kombat, then you definitely will be familiar with Scorpion, or his teammates like Sub Zero, Reptile, e.t.c. The younger badass killer is designed with many fighting features depending on the console you on. It can be found Xbox, PlayStation, and Sega consoles, and all have different fighting attributes; he can come with a Persian dagger in PlayStation console, while on Xbox comes with some short arrowed weapon. But no matter the console you play on, he remains the most deadly and the most popular of the Mortal Kombat franchise.

4. Kratos

Picture of Kratos in God of war

Okay, guys, we need you to meet the angriest man in the 21st-century gaming industry. Well, who won’t be that angry when they are manipulated to kill every member of their family? Well, you had to be very angry. Kratos has one of the most intimidating muscular body stature of all the video game characters. He is featured in the God of War franchise which has grown to be a household name in the country and is popularly played in consoles like Xbox, and PlayStation.

5. Lara Croft

Say hello to Tomb Raider finest – Lara Croft. This is the only gal that made it to this list. She has suddenly risen to become one of the most popular female video game characters in Nigeria today. This is quite surprising because the Final Fantasy characters –  female, have always taken the lead. Well done Lara!

So, this is it. Though there are other interesting popular video game characters in the country, unfortunately, none of them are ingenious, hopefully, we will get there soon. So guys…this is it for today, see you next time as well bring you yet another interesting article from the video game industry. Keep the gaming spirit going!

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